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  1. United Nations member states. This section includes all sovereign states located predominantly in Oceania that are member states of the United Nations. [18] . All 14 states are full members of the Pacific Islands Forum. [19] Associated states. Two states, the Cook Islands and Niue, are in free association with New Zealand.

  2. Main South Pacific Islands; Cook Islands; Fiji Islands; Samoa; Tonga; Vanuatu; Solomon Islands; Tahitian Islands; New Caledonia; Hawaii Islands; Other South Pacific Islands; American Samoa; Easter Island; Guam; Kiribati; Niue Island; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Pitcairn Island; Tokelau; Tuvalu; Wallis &Futuna

  3. May 1, 2022 · However, according to a World Health Organization report, there are 15 countries in the Pacific Islands: Northern Mariana Islands. Micronesia. Fiji. French Polynesia. Kiribati. Marshall...

  4. Vanuatu. New Caledonia. Fiji. Subtropical islands in the Australia/New Zealand region. Lord Howe Island. Norfolk Island. Micronesia. The Bonin Islands and Volcano Islands. Marcus Island. The Northern Marianas. The Southern Marianas. The Caroline Islands. Nauru and Banaba. Wake Island. The Marshall Islands. The Gilbert Islands ( Kiribati)

  5. Jun 9, 2019 · The South Pacific is big place - incredibly vast and blue, covering 11 million square miles stretching from the top of Australia to the Hawaiian Islands. Celebrated by artists and writers, from Paul Gauguin to James Michener, these thousands of tiny coral and volcanic-stone dots are home to fascinating peoples and cultures.

  6. Travel Guide. Best Time To Go. Reviews. South Pacific Islands map & highlights. A far flung sprawl of tropical perfection, the islands of the South Pacific may be tiny specks on the map, but they’re a massive draw for anyone seeking a slice of paradise, whether that comes in the form of a well-trodden hotspot or a road-less-travelled escape.

  7. List of Countries - South West Pacific. There are currently 184 contracting parties. Visit the FAO Legal website for details. Contracting parties. Non-Contracting. Territory. American Samoa. Australia. Cook Islands. Fiji. French Polynesia. Guam. Kiribati. Marshall Islands. Micronesia- Federated States of. Nauru. New Caledonia. New Zealand. Niue.

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