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  1. Answer (1 of 4): I didn’t know Mongolia was under the occupation by the Soviet Union. Could you kindly provide any proof for it? Thank you. Now, on to “erasing the ‘name’” of Genghis Khan.

  2. Answer: Owing to the uneven quality of Russian, and especially Soviet-era, data, it is difficult to measure the evolution of income inequality with precision. Income concentration near the end of the Czarist period was considerable but not exceptionally high by the standards of the time.

  3. Answer: Hard to tell without a particular point of divergence: when this transfer of territory occurred? Was it after the Sino-Soviet War of 1929? Japan and Nationalist China smooth things over to face the Red Bear.

  4. For the past century, Mongolia has had close ties with the Soviet Union. Mongolia was a satellite state of the USSR, so closely tied to it that Russians spoke Continue Reading 33 Yu Frank Studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Author has 248 answers and 718.5K answer views Updated 4 y Related

  5. Short answer: It is closer to Russia by a landslide. After Outer Mongolia earned its independence from the Republic of China with help from the Soviets, the communist government of Mongolia was established. During the Sino-Soviet split, Mongolia aligned itself with the USSR. Soviet troops were deployed in Mongolia until 1986.

  6. Answer (1 of 13): For Propaganda reasons as a way to help control society: It gave a meaning and a definition to whatever it was that they (the populous) have experienced as shared reality.