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  1. fans and centrifugal blowers for cars, buses, off-road vehicles, trucks, construction machineries, agricultural tractors, power-sports and industrial equipment. SPAL USA, the North American subsidiary of SPAL Automotive Srl, has serviced our customers with axial fans, centrifugal blowers and 12V accessories since 1989. Our sales, distribution

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      16" Fans | SPAL Automotive USA. FANS 16" FANS 14" FANS 13"...

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      Dual Wheel Centrifugal Blowers | SPAL Automotive USA

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      SPAL AUTOMOTIVE is a world leader in the design and...

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      Fans and blowers are warrantied for 3 years (36 months) from...


    SPAL cooling fans are the result of more than 50 years engineering experience. SPAL uses advanced modeling software and computer-assisted simulation systems to develop electric motors and blades that optimize a fan’s ability to pull air cleanly through the radiator core.

  3. SPAL fans are durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR teams. SPAL offers a variety of high performance fans perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, automotive, and/or oil cooler applications. Manufactured from sturdy plastic, individually balanced for long service life, and most feature a fully sealed waterproof/dustproof motor for reliable ...

  4. SPAL High-Performance Electric Fans | JEGS

    SPAL High-Performance Electric Fans offer the ultimate airflow advantage. An enhanced motor design ensures maximum performance with longevity that's second-to-none. Each fan motor is sealed to IP68 standards, making them dustproof/waterproof. All fans are individually tested and balanced to guarantee the highest quality. Features; Maximum Airflow

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  6. Spal Electric Fans - The Fan Man

    Spal Electric Fans. SPAL Brushless Electric Fans/Accessories; Fan Shrouds; TriFive - 1955-57 Chevrolet; Radiators; Thermal Fan Switch; Sidewinder; Fan Accessories ...

  7. SPAL High Performance Cooling Fans

    Spal Cooling Fans Catalog: FAN MOUNTING. Spal Fans are designed to be mounted in various ways. The bracket and strap kit is the most popular mounting option. There are also various length brackets available for custom mounting. Spal fans have multiple slide in mounting flanges on the sides of the fans.

  8. Welcome - SPAL

    E-FANS for Smart Engine Cooling Solutions. SPAL is a strong and reliable partner in order to increase the systems efficiency in your advanced vehicle design.

  9. SPAL Electric Cooling Fan Technical Info, Specs & Comparisons

    Want to know which SPAL fan to use? This informational page lists the full line of SPAL brand electric cooling fans, as used by BimmerWorld on many BMW applications and universally on track and race cars. You can find all SPAL fan dimensions, CFM flow rates, diameters, and other physical specs.

  10. High Current Fan relay and wiring harness for Spal High Output Fans : HO-RELAY: High current (150A) Relay : 30130074: Fan Shroud Gasket for 16 inch HP fans (VA18) 30130010: Fan Mounting Bracket (set of 4) 30130011: Fan Mounting Bracket and Strap (set of 4) 30130013: Fan Mounting Pin (mounts to radiator core) 30130017: Fan Mounting Bracket (set ...

    Part #
    Product (Fan) Description
    Length (A)
    Depth (B)
    4" Low Profile Fan - Paddle Blade - Push
    4" Low Profile Fan - Paddle Blade - Pull
    5.2" Low Profile Fan - Paddle Blade - Pull
    5.2" Low Profile Fan - Paddle Blade - Push
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