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  1. Spanish orthography - Wikipedia

    Spanish orthography is the orthography used in the Spanish language.The alphabet uses the Latin script.The spelling is fairly phonemic, especially in comparison to more opaque orthographies like English, having a relatively consistent mapping of graphemes to phonemes; in other words, the pronunciation of a given Spanish-language word can largely be predicted from its spelling and to a slightly ...

    b or v
    word-initial after a pause, or after #x27e8;m#x27e9; or #x27e8;n#x27e9;
    bestia; embuste; vaca; envidia
    b or v
    elsewhere (i.e. after a vowel, even across a word boundary, or after any consonant other than #x27e8;m#x27e9; or #x27e8;n#x27e9;)
    bebé; obtuso; vivir; curva; mi bebé; mi vaca
    before #x27e8;e#x27e9; or #x27e8;i#x27e9;
    [θ] (central and northern Spain) or [s] (most other regions)
    cereal; encima
    casa; claro; vaca; escudo
  2. Spanish Braille - Wikipedia

    Spanish Braille is the braille alphabet of Spanish and Galician. It is very close to French Braille, with the addition of a letter for ñ, slight modification of the accented letters and some differences in punctuation. Further conventions have been unified by the Latin American Blind Union, but differences with Spain remain.

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    Jota, the name of the letter j in the Spanish alphabet. Jota, the name of the letter j in the Portuguese alphabet. Jota (music), a type of Spanish music and dance. Jota (food), an Istrian bean-sauerkraut stew. Laverda Jota, an Italian motorcycle. Jota Sport, an English car racing team.

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    The fourth season aired in the U.S. because of the large population of Spanish-speakers in the country; it was the first time an original co-production was shown in the U.S. As Gary Knell, an executive at the CTW stated, "Our mission is to educate all kids. And the fact is, in the U.S., especially in cities like Los Angeles, there's an enormous ...

    • October 6, 1972 –, present
    • Canal 5
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  7. PLIespañol: Spanish Alphabet - YouTube

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...

  8. Old Spanish - Wikipedia

    Old Spanish, also known as Old Castilian (Spanish: castellano antiguo; Old Spanish: romance castellano [roˈmantse kasteˈʎano]) or Medieval Spanish (Spanish: español medieval), was originally a dialect of Vulgar Latin spoken in the former provinces of the Roman Empire that provided the root for the early form of the Spanish language that was spoken on the Iberian Peninsula from the 10th ...

  9. Spanish alphabet | SpanishDict

    The Spanish Alphabet. Quick Answer The Spanish alphabet, or abecedario in Spanish, is composed of 27 letters. It includes one letter, la letra ...

  10. Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation | SpanishDict

    Expert articles and interactive video lessons on how to use the Spanish language. Learn about 'por' vs. 'para', Spanish pronunciation, typing Spanish accents, and more.

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