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  1. The Cuban movement for independence from Spain in 1895 garnered considerable American support. When the USS Maine sank, the United States believed the tragedy was the result of Spanish sabotage and declared war on Spain.

  2. List covering some of the major causes and effects of the Spanish-American War. The war originated in the Cuban struggle for independence from Spain. By the time the war drew to a close, Spanish colonial rule in the New World had come to an end, and the United States controlled strategically significant lands.

  3. On May 1, Dewey destroyed the old, decrepit, and rotting Spanish fleet at Manila, and the US prepared for an invasion of the Philippines. The US also invaded Guam and Puerto Rico, other Spanish island colonies, during the war. Under the leadership of General William R. Shafter, the US ground effort in Cuba was far from organized.

  4. Mar 6, 2017 · Fought between April and August 1898, the Spanish-American War was the result of American concern over Spanish treatment of Cuba, political pressures, and anger over the sinking of USS Maine. Though President William McKinley had wished to avoid war, American forces moved swiftly once it began.

  5. Timeline of significant events related to the Spanish-American War (1898). The war lasted less than a year but resulted in the end of Spanish colonial rule in the Americas. Spain renounced all claim to Cuba and ceded Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the United States.

  6. The Spanish government offered to submit the question of its responsibility over the destruction of the USS Maine to arbitration, but the U.S. public, prompted by newspapers in the grips of yellow journalism, held Spain unquestionably responsible. “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” became a popular rallying cry.

  7. Sep 22, 2021 · Spanish-American War. Although the sinking of the Maine provided an immediate trigger for the Spanish-American War, long-term US military and economic interests provide a more nuanced context for the US invasion of Cuba. In this lesson, students watch a documentary video, read a telegram describing Spanish treatment of Cubans, and examine an ...

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