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    Jan 26, 2021 · The main event in Prague is an online concert from the Spanish Synagogue. The Jewish Museum in Prague and the Jewish Community of Prague will broadcast a gala concert from the newly renovated Spanish Synagogue at 6 p.m. A link to the show will on the Facebook pages of the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Jewish Community in Prague.

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    A few steps from Prague's beautiful Spanish Synagogue, in the middle of Dusni Street where the city's most famous writer used to live, a headless, handless and footless giant supports a much smaller Kafka riding on his shoulders. The artist says the sculpture makes reference to an early Kafka story featuring a young man riding on another's ...

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    Aug 21, 2009 · To view a synagogue without going to a religious service; book a guided tour or go to one of the concerts regularly held in the Jewish Quarter. The Španělská synagoga (Spanish Synagogue) is a popular music venue, and the exquisite gilded interior and Moorish design make it one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the city.

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    Jun 08, 2021 · The church synagogue library association was a great resource for congregational libraries. Di synagogue church wey confam di preacher death on sunday, no give di exact cause of im worshippers, beneficiaries and pipo wey dey live around di church gather dey cry sake of di death of.

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    Nov 13, 2019 · The four traditional synagogues in Prague are the Old-New Synagogue (Altneuschul), the High Synagogue (Hochsul), the Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue; and the Spanish Synagogue. Two other synagogues in Prague are Beit Praha, an open Jewish community, and Beit Simcha, a Jewish Liberal community. The Chief Rabbinate of Prague is charged with ...

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    The tour includes: The Old-New Synagogue, Prague Jewish Museum (interiors) – the Old Jewish Cemetery, The Pinkas synagogue, The Spanish synagogue, Jewish town streets. BOOK NOW. COMMUNIST PRAGUE (3h) 150 USD (1-2 people), 180 USD (3-4 people), 210 USD (5-6 people)

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    Sep 18, 2019 · The Jerusalem Synagogue, also known as the Jubilee Synagogue, is the only site not part of the Jewish Museum in Prague. It has a very beautiful interior and facade with an eclectic mix of Moorish Revival and art nouveau. The synagogue is open from April to October, Sunday through Friday, from 11AM to 5PM.

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    • The Old-New Synagogue
    • The Old Jewish Cemetery
    • The Pinkas Synagogue
    • The Spanish Synagogue
    • The Klausen Synagogue
    • The Maisel Synagogue

    Franz Kafka attended services here. Legend says that Golem, that artificial being made of clay during the 16th century, is hidden in the attic. Built in Gothic Cistercian style during the latter part of the 13th century, the Old-New Synagogue is the oldest building in the Jewish Town and one of Europe’s oldest synagogues still in use.

    Each of the 12,000 tombstones tells a unique story. The only burial place for Prague Jews from 1439 to 1787, the cemetery has some 100,000 occupants. In the third oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe lavish tombstones reflect the golden days in the 16th century Renaissance, when Emperor Rudolph II ruled.

    Grosssova, Grunbaum, Klopper, Meiselova, Friedenthal, Seiner, Ledererova. The 77,297 names of Holocaust victims jump out at visitors, slapping them in the face with the reality of the Jews’ tragic plight during World War II. All of a sudden, the names on the walls are not merely names but individuals, who had plans to make, goals to achieve, lives to live. Listing the names on the walls of the Memorial of Holocaust Victims of Bohemia and Moravia at Prague’s Pinkas Synagogue brings to mind the horror of those times.

    Arabesques, gilt and polychrome motifs with a dazzling combination of rich green, blue and red hues make this Moorish-style synagogue one of the most beautiful in Europe. The interior of this 19th century creation is breathtaking with its Torah ark and central dome as masterpieces of Spanish-inspired architecture. Now a permanent exhibition of Jewish history from the 18th century Enlightenment period to the present is housed in this remarkable building.

    Initially, the synagogue consisted of three buildings. One structure was used for religious services, another comprised a hospital and ritual bath, and the third was a Talmud school where, during the 16th century, the renowned Rabbi Loew taught. According to legend, Rabbi Loew created the clay artificial figure of the Golem, who was supposed to defend the Jewish Town against anti-Semitic attacks. The synagogue was erected in honor of Emperor Maximilian II’s visit to the quarter during 1573. Its interior consists of stucco decoration, stained glass windows adorned with the Star of David and a barrel vault with motifs of ribbon and fruit.

    This Renaissance building with Gothic features was constructed for a wealthy Jewish mayor in the 16th century as his private house of worship. It became the largest synagogue in the district. During World War II, about 6,000 objects that the Nazis wanted to install in their museum dedicated to the extinct Jewish race were stored here. The exhibition today features 1,000 years of Jewish history in Bohemia and Moravia from the 10th century to 1780. and much more…

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    Queues tend to be shortest at the Spanish Synagogue. If you are pressed for time, the highlights are the Old-New Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery. Completed around 1270, the Old-New Synagogue is Europe’s oldest working synagogue and one of Prague’s earliest Gothic buildings.

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    The Spanish Synagogue: This golden synagogue provides a glimpse into Jewish life after the ghetto walls came down. This stunning synagogue was built in 1868 in the former ghetto area by Prague Jews seeking a more reformed style of prayer. The Altneushul: Europe's oldest synagogue is a treasure trove of stories of golems and great rabbis.

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