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  1. Special Relativity Questions & Problems (Answers) 1. If you were on a spaceship travelling at 0.50c away from a star, what speed would the starlight pass you? (The speed of light: 3.00 x 108 m/s) 2. Does time dilation mean that time actually passes more slowly in moving references frames or that it only seems to pass more slowly?

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  2. SPECIAL RELATIVITY (Einstein 1905) Based on two postulates: The RELATIVITY PRINCIPLE: the laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames. The CONSTANCY OF THE SPEED OF LIGHT: the speed of light, c=299,792 km/s, is the same for all inertial observers, independent of their velocity of motion relative to the source of light.

  3. Special Theory of Relativity Outcome(s): describe the qualitative aspects of the special theory of relativity such as reference frames and the mass-energy equivalence principle Frames of reference -A frame of reference is a coordinate system (a set of axis) where motion and position can be explained mathematically.

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  5. The theory of special relativity is a complex theory; and this quiz and worksheet combo will help you achieve a basic understanding of this theory. Key topics are the theory of special relativity ...

  6. The General Theory will not be dealt with in this course. Relativity (both the Special and General) theories, quantum mechanics, and thermody-namics are the three major theories on which modern physics is based. What is unique about these three theories, as distinct from say the theory of electromagnetism, is their generality.

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  7. special relativity. Students will correctly answer questions about the proper time and dilated time. Students will correctly solve problems involving time dilation. Focus: Einstein wondered what he would see if her were to ride a beam of light. On earth, if you travel at the same speed as a wave, the wave appears to be still relative to you.

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