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  1. Spiritual Vision A simple definition of spiritual vision is that I see the best in others. A parameter of proving to myself that I have a spiritual vision and I am seeing the best in others is that I naturally thank and praise rather than criticize those with whom I interact at home or at the workplace on a daily basis - even though I may see obvious negative characteristics in them and ...

  2. The intellectual can be divorced from the spiritual, but the spiritual can never be divorced from the intellectual. If a man is spiritual, his intellect is touched with the divine life and comes under the power of the divine baptism. One word describes this mental quickening and illumination--"vision." "The pure in heart shall see God."

  3. Apr 10, 2020 · Importance of Spiritual Symbols in Spiritual Journey. Spirituality is a lot about your vision. Divine symbols concentrate this vision into a graphical image that delivers truth and intrigues various powerful emotions. It motivates you on your spiritual path and acts as your strong-arm throughout.

  4. Vision statements. A community organization, or an entire community, can express spiritual qualities through forming and communicating a written vision of what that organization or community should be like, and how we should relate to one another. For example, “Health for All” communicates the values of equity and fairness. Mission statements.

  5. Transcendent definition is - exceeding usual limits : surpassing. ... it means something close to "spiritual". ... and the superiority of spiritual vision over mere ...

  6. Jun 26, 2018 · This is the first step in creating your new definition of wealth. When you get clear on what spiritual wealth means to you, you can invite the energy of the specific vision into your life. Your definition does not need to revolve around money at all; it can be about happiness, spirituality or freedom.

  7. SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Definitions and Uses About the Gifts Listed: The purpose of this list is to provide a list of gifts with possible biblical basis. Inclusion of possibilities not found in the key spiritual gifts passages (Rom. 12, 1 Cor. 12, Eph. 4, 1 Pet. 4), are not dogmati-cally presented.

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