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  1. - Physical and Spiritual realm The physical realm is the material stuff we see and interact with on a daily basis; this physical realm is changing and imperfect, as we know all too well. The spiritual realm, however, exists beyond the physical realm. Plato calls this spiritual realm the Realm of Forms .

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  3. Transpersonal psychology Archetypes Synchronicity "Every crisis is a person expierences over the age of 30 is spiritual in nature" 20th century physiatrist Relationship between council us and uncouncious Human spirit

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  5. Common Psychology Myths learning styles, memory is like a record player, violate offenders= mentally ill, vision depends on signals, Stanford prison experiment, domestic violence of men against women, mental illness is caused by chemical imbalance.

  6. views psychological disorders as the result of environmental conditions and cultural norms; view psych disorders as different from normal functioning; think of psychology disorders as labels the society puts on people whose behaviors and feelings differ from social and cultural norms; agree with 4 d's, but view these behaviors as understandable consequences of social stress in the individuals ...

  7. The definition of counseling reached by the task group, 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling, includes all of the following except a. Counseling is a dynamic, lively, and engaging process b. Counselors promote wellness c. Counseling is diverse and multicultural d. All of the above are included in the definition

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