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    Splinter hemorrhages, also known as fingernail or toenail hemorrhage, are small bleeding areas at the nail beds or the hyponychium of the nail unit.They look like thin lines of reddish-brown or sometimes even a darken to black color under the nails and they usually run in the direction of the nail growth, that is vertically. The color of splinter hemorrhages usually progress from light to dark, that is from red to brown then to black.

    The skin under nail surface, which is called the nail bed contains small blood capillaries that supply and take away blood from the region.In the event that the capillaries burst, there appears a tiny bleeding point and this can be seen through the nail plate. The condition is given the name splinter hemorrhages because it tends to form subungual, dark, linear strikes that are seen through the nail. In fact, they look like splinters under a nail.Usually, there is no discomfort or pain associa...

    When one gets a nail injury or trauma, this can cause bleeding and the blood trapped on the overlying nail plates, causing the condition.

    Symptoms of this condition could be as a result of the other diseases associated with it such as having endocarditis. One may experience: 1. Shortness of breath 2. Generally feeling ill 3. Muscle aches 4. The most common is having reddish-brown, sometimes dark, vertical lines on the nails 5. In some cases, the affected may have anemia or heart murmurs.While people with the condition may experience one or more of the above symptoms and signs, the condition does not however cause any pain or di...

    Diagnosis is mainly done by the rheumatologist and dermatologist. A doctor may want to know things like; 1. When you first noticed the condition 2. History of past nail injuries 3. Whether you have endocarditis, among others.Tests and examinations can also be carried out such as: 1. Examination of the heart and the blood circulation system 2. Testing of complete blood count (CBS) 3. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) 4. Blood cultures 5. Chest X-ray of the chest region 6. Echocardiogram 7....

    1. Nail fungus causing the splinter hemorrhages can be treated by applying topical or systematic antifungal agents. 2. Since nail psoriasis is a rheumatic disorder that contributes to this ailment, one can use cortisone, either by applying the cream or having an injection in severe cases. 3. Those suffering from Raynaud’s disease are advised to wear a heavy protective layer of gloves to protect them from excess cold. 4. If the splinter hemorrhages are due to using some drugs such as aspirin,...

  2. Splinter Hemorrhage Photos - Dermatology Education › images › Splinter-Hemorrhage › Browse Categories › Nail Fungus and other Nail Disease › Splinter Hemorrhage . Splinter Hemorrhage Photos . Click thumbnail to enlarge. Splinter ...

  3. Splinter haemorrhage | DermNet NZ › topics › splinter-haemorrhage

    A splinter haemorrhage is a longitudinal, red-brown haemorrhage under a nail and looks like a wood splinter. Seen end-on, the haemorrhage is in the lower part of the nail plate or underneath it. Splinter haemorrhages

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  5. Splinter Hemorrhages: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments › health › splinter-hemorrhages

    Jul 24, 2017 · Splinter hemorrhages can develop after an injury or trauma to a fingernail or toenail. Stubbing a toe or injuring a finger can damage blood vessels along the nail bed on the affected digit and ...

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  6. What Is a Splinter Hemorrhage? (with pictures) › what-is-a-splinter-hemorrhage

    A splinter hemorrhage, sometimes called a fingernail hemorrhage, is a medical condition that only occurs underneath a person's toenails or fingernails. It is a localized area of bleeding that tends to appear in a straight line, traveling in the direction in which the nail grows.

  7. What Are Splinter Hemorrhages? Here’s What You Need to ... › mind-body › splinter-hemorrhage

    Splinter hemorrhages can be temporary or long-term: If the blood attaches to the nail plate and not the nail bed, it’ll grow out as the nail grows. But it might remain stationary if it attaches ...

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  8. Splinter hemorrhages occur commonly in psoriasis but may be seen with infection of the heart valves (infective endocarditis), rheumatic heart disease, valvular replacement, SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), antiphospholipid syndrome, IV drug abusers, and congenital heart diseases 1). Splinter hemorrhages may be caused by vessel damage from swelling of the blood vessels (vasculitis) or tiny clots that damage the small capillaries (microemboli).

  9. Splinter hemorrhages: Causes and treatment › articles › 319108

    Aug 26, 2017 · Splinter hemorrhages occur when blood leaks or swells from small blood vessels that run up and down the nail bed. Tiny blood clots known as microemboli in the capillaries can also cause splinter ...

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  10. Wikipedia says splinter hemorrhages (or haemorrhages) can be associated with subacute infective endocarditis, scleroderma, trichinosis, systemic lupus erythe...

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