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  1. SS Washington was a 24,189-ton luxury liner of the United States Lines, named after the US capital city. On 6 June 1941, Washington was commissioned as the troopship USS Mount Vernon. In 1947 one deck of was restored to prewar condition and the ship resumed commercial service.

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    SS Washington was a 24,189-ton luxury liner of the United States Lines, named after the US capital city. On 6 June 1941, Washington was commissioned as the troopship USS Mount Vernon. In 1947 one deck of was restored to prewar condition and the ship resumed commercial service.

    • 20 January 1931
    • 705 ft 3 in (214.96 m)
    • 20 August 1932
    • 20.5 knots
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    Washington was ordered by Transatlantic Steamship Company and laid down on 20 January 1931 in Shipway O at New York Shipbuilding in Camden, New Jersey. By the time the vessel was launched on 20 August 1932, Transatlantic Steamship's assets had been acquired by International Mercantile Marine, and the Washingtonwent into service for the United States Lines following delivery on 2 May 1933. At the time of their construction, Washington and her sister ship SS Manhattan, also built by New York Shipbuilding, were the largest liners ever built in the United States, a status they held until the 1939 launch of SS America. Washington and Manhattanwere two of the few pure ocean liners built by New York Shipbuilding, which had previously built a large number of cargo liners. Accommodations were 580 in Cabin class, 400 in Tourist, and 150 Third class. Both ships were to garner a reputation for a very high standard of service and luxury. United States Lines signed contracts in 1931 for the Manha...

    Washington joined her sister ship Manhattan on the New York-Hamburg route, a route she continued to serve with only one short break until December 1939, when Roosevelt invoked the 1939 Neutrality Act against Germany. Both ships then moved to the New York-Naples-Genoa run until Italy declared war on Great Britain and France in June 1940. With the increasing danger from German submarines, Washington and Manhattanwere shifted to the New York-San Francisco service via the Panama Canal.

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    In Newport News, Virginia, where many of the United States Lines ships were built, one of the huge propellers from United States is on display at the entrance of the Mariners' Museum. On February 4, 2016, Crystal Cruises announced a proposal to re-activate the former flagship of the United States Lines, SS United States, for passenger service.

    • 1992
    • Shipping, transportation

    Jun 21, 2008 · Cruise Ship History: UNITED STATES LINES SS WASHINGTON AND SS MANHATTAN – $127 One-Way – From New York to Europe in 1938 – TEDDY KENNEDY was a passenger! Posted by: Michael L. Grace June 21, 2008

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    SS George Washington was an ocean liner built in within two years (1907–1908) by AG Vulcan of Stettin, Germany (present-day Szczecin, Poland), for North German Lloyd (German:Norddeutscher Lloyd or NDL). Intended for Bremen – New York passenger service, the ship was named after George Washington, the first President of the United States as a way to make the ship more appealing to immigrants, who then made up the majority of transatlantic passengers and believed formalities on arrival would be easier on a ship with an American name. George Washington was launched on 10 November 1908 by the United States Ambassador to Germany, David Jayne Hill.[Note 1] At the time of her launch, she was the third-largest ocean liner in the world, behind only Cunard Line ships Lusitania and Mauretania. George Washington also became the largest German-built steamship, surpassing the Hamburg America Line's Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, and held that distinction until the 1913 launch of Hamburg America's Vate...

    George Washington began her maiden voyage on 12 June 1909, sailing from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg. On board were 1,169 passengers which included a German press contingent; Philipp Heineken, the Generaldirektor of North German Lloyd; and a chimpanzee named Consul, billed as "his Darwinian Highness", the "Almost Monkey-Man", who was coming to America under contract for the William MorrisVaudeville circuit. Upon her arrival in New York on 20 June, George Washington was greeted by the unfurling of the official banner of the League of Peace from the Singer Building,[Note 2] and docked at 18:30 at the North German Lloyd piers in Hoboken, New Jersey. Coincidentally, Martha Washington, an ocean liner of the unrelated Austro-American Line, was in port when George Washingtondocked in New York for the first time. On 22 June, the liner hosted a press luncheon, and, the next afternoon, hosted some 3,000 members of the Daughters of the American Revolution who presented a co...

    George Washington continued operating on the Bremen – New York route until World War I when she sought refuge in New York, a neutral port in 1914. With the American entry into the war in 1917, George Washington was taken over 6 April and towed to the New York Navy Yardfor conversion into a transport. She commissioned 6 September 1917, with Captain Edwin T. Pollock in command. George Washington sailed with her first load of troops 4 December 1917 and during the next 2 years made 18 round trip voyages in support of the American Expeditionary Forces. During this period she also made several special voyages. President Woodrow Wilson and the American representatives to the Paris Peace Conference sailed for Europe in George Washington 4 December 1918. On this crossing she was protected by Pennsylvania, and was escorted into Brest, France, 13 December by ten battleships and twenty-eight of destroyers in an impressive demonstration of American naval strength. After carrying 4000 soldiers ba...

    After her delivery to the United States Shipping Board (USSB), George Washington was used to transport 250 members of the American Legion to France as guests of the French Government in 1921. The vessel was then reconditioned by USSB for transatlantic service, and chartered by the U.S. Mail Steamship Company, for whom she made one voyage to Europe in March 1921. The company was taken over by the government August 1921 and its name changed to the United States Lines. George Washingtonserved the Line on the transatlantic route until 1931 when she was laid up in the Patuxent River, Maryland.

    George Washington was reacquired for Navy use from the United States Maritime Commission on 28 January 1941 and commissioned as USS Catlin (AP-19) on 13 March 1941. She was named in honor of Brigadier General Albertus W. Catlin, USMC. It was found, however, that the coal-burning engines did not give the required speed for protection against submarines, and she was decommissioned on 26 September 1941. Because of their great need for ships in 1941, Great Britain took the ship over under Lend-Lease on 29 September 1941 as George Washington, but they found after one voyage to Newfoundland that her aging boilers could not safely maintain sufficient steam pressure to drive her otherwise servicable engines. A secondary contributing factor was the difficulty in manning her with sufficient skilled stokers – the role having been supplanted with the steady introduction of oil fired ships in the 1930s. With the ship unfit for combat service the British returned her to the War Shipping Administr...

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    1933-05-24 SS Washington Passenger List. Steamship Line: United States Lines; Class of Passengers: Tourist Class; Date of Departure: 24 May 1933 (Maiden Voyage) Route: Hamburg to New York via Le Havre, Southampton, and Queenstown (Cobh) Commander: Captain George Fried, USN, Retired


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    United States Lines signed contracts in 1931 for the Manhattan and Washington for approximately $21 million each. This was a substantial cost in a depression era and considered a gamble by men in the passenger liner business.

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    United States Lines. The company came into existence in 1921 owing to the inability of the United States Mail SS Co. to fulfill it's obligations to the United States Shipping Board. Originally under the joint management of Moore & McCormack, Roosevelt SS Co. and United American Lines.

    Years in Service
    1939 chartered from Eastern SS Co for one voyage.
    America (1)
    ex- Amerika (Hamburg America Line), 1917 US Army transport renamed America, 1921 to USL, 1931 laid up, 1940 converted to troopship Edmund B. Alexander, 1958 scrapped.
    America (2)
    1941 became US troopship West Point, 1946 reverted to America, 1964 sold to Chandris Line renamed Australis.
    American Attorney
    ex- Attleboro Victory, 1948 transferred from U.S. War Shipping Administration renamed American Attorney, 1956 Transyork Shipping Co., NY renamed Transyork.
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    Originally SS Kiautschou (German Passenger Liner, 1900) SS Republic: SS St John: 1939: Chartered from Eastern SS Lines for one voyage: SS Shawnee: 1939: Chartered from Clyde Line for one voyage. SS Susquehanna: SS United States: 1952-1969: Laid up in Philadelphia, PA, 2012: SS Virginia (MS Brazil) SS Washington