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  2. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia

    Jadwiga ( Polish: [jadˈvʲiɡa] ( listen) ), also known as Hedwig ( Hungarian: Hedvig; 1373/4 – 17 July 1399), was the first female monarch of the Kingdom of Poland, reigning from 16 October 1384 until her death. She was the youngest daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and his wife Elizabeth of Bosnia.

    • 16 October 1384 – 17 July 1399
    • Louis
  3. Jadwiga of Poland, St. |

    Andechs, Bavaria, Germany, c. 1174; d. convent of Trzebnica, Wroclaw Province, Poland, Oct. 15, 1243. The daughter of Berthold IV, Count of Andechs, she was educated at the monastery of Kitzingen and ( c. 1186) married Henry I, who in 1202 became duke of Silesia. Hedwig played an influential part in governmental administration, displaying prudence, fortitude, and piety, and she strove particularly to keep peace between the nobles within her area of influence.

  4. St Jadwiga – The Wawel Royal Cathedral of St Stanislaus B. M ...

    St Jadwiga St Jadwiga was born in 1374, daughter of Louis d’Anjou, the king of Hungary and Poland, and Elizabeth of Bosnia. Before reaching the age of four, Jadwiga was promised to be betrothed to the son of Leopold of Austria, Wilhelm, and was later engaged to him.

  5. Lost Remains of St. Jadwiga Discovered in Hidden Silver ...

    Mar 27, 2020 · St. Jadwiga, sometimes referred to as St. Hedwig is a very significant figure in the history of Christianity in Poland. She was born in Bavaria, in southern Germany and entered into an arranged marriage with Henry I the Bearded, one of the first Piast rulers of Silesia. St. Jadwiga while she was queen. (Xpeye / Public Domain )

    • Ed Whelan
  6. Royal People: Jadwiga of Poland – Just History Posts

    Oct 23, 2017 · October 23, 2017. November 10, 2020. Jadwiga of Poland was a very remarkable woman, and one who is sadly neglected by those in Western Europe. Living in the fourteenth century, she was the first female monarch of Poland – beating England by nearly 200 years – and despite leading a short life, she left a legacy that continues to today.

  7. St Jadwiga, the only female king of Poland - Polish Culture

    Saint Hedwig, called also Jadwiga of Anjou or Jadwiga of Poland, was born around the end of 1373 or beginning of 1374. Brought up in Hungary, as a younger daughter of King Louis I of Hungary and Elisabeth of Bosnia, she was related to ancient native Polish dynasty of Piasts on both, paternal and maternal side.

  8. Jadwiga: The Woman Who became Poland’s King – Crazy Polish Guy

    Oct 25, 2015 · Jadwiga was born in 1373 in Hungary, the daughter of King Louis of Anjou, who was the grandson of the Polish king Władysław Łokietek. At that time, royal houses intermarried, so even though Jadwiga was born to a Hungarian king, her roots were Polish.

  9. Miracles of Saint Jadwiga - Polish Culture

    Saint Jadwiga of Poland, the only female king of the country, is known for her kindness and pietous life. Alhtough she left no notes that could prove visions that she is believed to have, there are couple of legends that withstood the time and led to beatification, and later canonisation, of this young reigness.

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