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  1. 11 hours ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as St Mary Bethlehem, Bethlehem Hospital and Bedlam, is a psychiatric hospital in London. Its famous history has inspired several horror books, films and TV series, most notably Bedlam, a 1946 film with Boris Karloff . The hospital is closely associated with King's ...

    • 1247 as priory, 1330 as hospital
    • Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, London, England
  2. 5 days ago · The medical school has roots in many different schools across London, the oldest of which being Charing Cross Hospital Medical School which can be traced back to 1823, followed by teaching starting at Westminster Hospital in 1834, and St Mary's Hospital in 1851.

    • Scientific knowledge, the crowning glory and the safeguard of the empire
    • Latin: Scientia imperii decus et tutamen
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  4. 5 days ago · The expansion caused disruption locally and £166 was paid to St Katherine's Hospital and the prior of Holy Trinity in compensation. [79] Henry III often held court at the Tower of London, and held parliament there on at least two occasions (1236 and 1261) when he felt that the barons were becoming dangerously unruly.

    • White Tower: 1078, Inner Ward: 1190s, Re-built: 1285, Wharf expansion: 1377–1399
    • Castle: 12 acres (4.9 ha), Tower Liberties: 6 acres (2.4 ha)
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    In the Domesday Book of 1086, Reigate is recorded as Cherchefelle and in the 12th century as Crichefeld and Crechesfeld. The name is thought to mean "open space by the hill or barrow". The name "Reigate" first appears in written sources in the 1190s. Similar forms are also recorded in the late medieval period, including Reigata in 1170, Regate in 1203, Raygate in 1235, Rigate in 1344 and Reighgate (1604). The name is thought to derive from the Old English rǣge meaning "roe deer" and the Middle English gate, which might indicate an enclosure gate through which deer were hunted. It has been suggested that the "rei" element may have evolved from the Middle English ray, meaning a marshland or to a stream, however this is considered unlikely as the Old English form of this word is ree rather than rey.[note 1] A "Thomas ate Chert" is recorded as living at Woodhatch in the early 14th century and the settlement is thought to have been named after his family.

    Early history

    The earliest evidence of human activity in the Reigate area is a triangular stone axe from the Paleolithic, which was found in Woodhatch in 1936. Neolithic worked flints have been found on Colley Hill. Finds from the Bronze Age include a gold penannular ring, dated to c.1150 – c.750 BCE, and a barbed spearhead from Priory Park. The eight barrowson Reigate Heath are thought to date from the same period, when the surrounding area may have been marshland. During the Roman period, the Doods Road...


    Reigate appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Cherchefelle. It was held by William the Conqueror, who had assumed the lordship in 1075 on the death of Edith of Wessex, widow of Edward the Confessor. The settlement included two mills worth 11s 10d, land for 29 plough teams,[note 3] woodland and herbage for 140 swine, pasture for 43 pigs and 12 acres (4.9 ha) of meadow. The manor rendered £40 per year in 1086 and the residents included 67 villagers and 11 smallholders. The Domesday Book also reco...

    Medieval history

    The earlier site of the town was, at least in part, in what is now the Church Street area. Part of the site was excavated in the 1990s, and this revealed that the settlement moved during the earlier part of the 12th century when the present town was formed. William I granted the land around Reigate to one of his supporters, William de Warenne, who was created Earl of Surrey in 1088. It is believed that his son, William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey, ordered that Reigate Castle be built, alth...

    UK parliament

    The town is in the parliamentary constituency of Reigate and has been represented at Westminster since May 1997 by Conservative Crispin Blunt.

    County council

    Reigate has two of the 81 Surrey County Councilrepresentatives, elected every four years: In January 2021, the county council moved its headquarters from Kingston upon Thamesto Cockshott Hill, Woodhatch.

    Borough council

    Five councillors sit on Reigate and Bansteadborough council, who operate a council-elected-in-thirds system, which results in voting for one local candidate in three out of every four years:

    In the 2011 Census, the population of the Reigate built-up area, including Woodhatch, was 22,123. Across the South East Region, 28% of homes were detached houses and 22.6% were apartments.


    Reigate Water Works Company was established in 1858 and it opened a plant on Littleton Lane the following year, to supply drinking water to the town from the Wallace Brook. The Reigate company was purchased by the East Surrey Water in 1896, which closed the Reigate works after extending its mains network to the town from Caterham. The first sewerage system in Reigate was installed in 1876 and included a main outfall sewer running under Bell Street via Woodhatch to the treatment worksat Earlsw...

    Emergency services

    The Borough police force was founded in 1864 and initially consisted of a superintendent, a sergeant and eight constables. The original police station was in West Street, but was moved to the High Street in around 1866 and to the Municipal Buildings around the turn of the century. A new police station was opened in Reigate Road in 1972, coinciding with the merger of the Borough force with the Surrey Constabulary. In 1809, two fire engines were presented to the vestry, which was charged with a...


    The nearest accident & emergency department is at East Surrey Hospital (3.7 km (2.3 mi)).As of 2021, the GP practice on Yorke Road.

    The town centre is, save for the castle, focused on Bell Street, leading south, and a long High Street/West Street conservation area with shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. Between the streets is a Morrisons supermarket. The other central supermarket is an M&S. The swathe of land from the town southwards, including the adjacent town of Redhill, is sometimes grouped together as the Gatwick Diamond, M23 corridor or Crawley Urban Area across more than 15 miles (24 km) into West Sussex. These three largely synonymous areas are interspersed with Metropolitan Green Belt land and are used by planners to highlight connectivity to Gatwick Airport and in respect of two, the city of Brighton and Hove.

    At one time the airline Air Europe had its head office in Europe House in Reigate. Redland plc the FTSE 100 building materials company was headquartered in Reigate before its acquisition by Lafarge. The insurance company Esureis in the former Redland headquarters, and the Redland brick sculpture remains in front of the building. Canon UK had their headquarters on the southern outskirts of Reigate. The building, opened by the Duke of Edinburghin 2000, has won numerous design and 'green' awards. The European headquarters of Kimberly-Clark are on London Road in the town, just south of Reigate railway station. Further along London Road towards the town centre can be found the former European headquarters of Willis Towers Watson, prior to the merger with Willis where the global and British headquarters relocated to Lime Street in London in front of which is a life-size bronze of Margot Fonteyn and a huge picturesque cedartree. Reigate is home to Pilgrim Brewery, which moved to its West S...

    Priory Park adjoins Reigate Priory School directly south of the High Street and west of Bell Street. It has a recreation area for smaller children as well as football fields, tennis courts, a skatepark, woodland and large Priory Pond, draining over a small weir. The café (in the 'Pistachios In The Park' chain) is contained in a building named the Pavilion, which also houses the park office and bulletin boards. Representations Reigate is the setting for the Sherlock Holmes short story The Adventure of the Reigate Squire (also known as The Adventure of the Reigate Squires and The Adventure of the Reigate Puzzle). It is one of 12 stories featured in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


    Reigate is linked by a number of bus routes to Redhill and the surrounding towns and villages in east Surrey. Operators serving the town include Compass Bus, London General, Metrobus and Southdown. Routes 420 and 460 link the town to the East Surrey Hospitaland the latter also runs to Gatwick Airport.


    Reigate railway station is a short distance to the north of the town centre and is managed by Southern. The operator runs services to London Victoria via Redhill and East Croydon. Trains to Reading via Guildford and to Gatwick Airport via Redhill are run by Great Western Railway.

    Cycle routes

    The Surrey Cycleway passes through Woodhatch.

    Located in Priory Park in the town centre, Reigate Priory School serves the town's three remaining infant schools. It has the distinction in the primary sector of having a large proportion of male teaching staff.Wray Common Primary School is the remaining primary school, situated on the north-eastern side of the town.

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