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  1. Timeline of Kraków - Wikipediaów

    Nov 19, 2020 · 1397 - St. Mary's Basilica built. 1407 - Synagogue built in Kazimierz. 1420 - Bellmakers guild established. 1491 Paper mill established in Prądnik Czerwony. Printing press in operation. 1521 - Sigismund Bell installed in tower of Wawel Cathedral. 1566 - Kraków arsenal built (near St. Florian's Gate).

  2. Siege of Kraków - Wikipediaów

    1 day ago · On October 6, Charles Gustav returned to Kraków, and while inspecting Swedish positions, his horse was killed by a Polish bullet, near St. Florian's Gate. As the siege progressed, morale among the defenders sank even lower. Czarniecki, well aware of this, on October 12 initiated negotiations.

    • September 25 – October 13, 1655
    • Kraków, Poland
    • Swedish victory
  3. Saint Florian - Wikipedia

    Nov 19, 2020 · A famous St. Florian's Church is located in Kraków. His veneration has been particularly intense since 1528, when a fire burned the neighborhood without destroying the church. St. Florian's Cross. The Firefighter's Cross, widely used as the symbol for firefighters, especially in the United States, has often been attributed to St. Florian.

    • 4 May
    • Linz, Austria; Kraków, Poland; chimneysweeps; firefighters; soap boilers; Upper Austria
  4. Walking around Krakow - living to the fullest

    Nov 04, 2020 · Discovering Krakow with a free walking tour was a great idea. There is so much to see and so many small details which you miss on your own.

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  6. History of Kraków - Wikipediaów

    Nov 09, 2020 · Medieval Kraków was surrounded by a 1.9 mile (3 km) defensive wall complete with 46 towers and seven main entrances leading through them (see St. Florian's Gate and Kraków Barbican). The fortifications were erected over the course of two centuries.

  7. Kraków - Wikipediaów,_Poland

    Major landmarks include the Main Market Square with St. Mary's Basilica and the Sukiennice Cloth Hall, the Wawel Castle, the National Art Museum, the Zygmunt Bell at the Wawel Cathedral, and the medieval St. Florian's Gate with the Barbican along the Royal Coronation Route. Kraków has 28 museums and public art galleries.

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    4 days ago · See Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland/Reviews for outstanding review requests. Check Category:Poland articles with an incomplete B-Class checklist for an article missing a review, assess it whether it is a B-class or not, and leave a note on its talk page.

  9. The Travel Mentor - Travel Smarter

    3 days ago · When Kraków was the royal capital of Poland from the 14th to 16th centuries, this historic street was used for many important events including coronation processions, royal funerals, weddings, and for foreign envoys. The route runs from the old Medieval walls near St. Florian’s Gate in the north, through the Old …

  10. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Saint Florian's Psalter, commissioned by Jadwiga in around 1370, held in the National Library of Poland in Warsaw Jogaila signed the Union of Krewo in August 1385, promising Queen Elizabeth's representatives and the Polish lords' envoys that he would convert to Catholicism, together with his pagan kinsmen and subjects, if Jadwiga married him.

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