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  1. Jan 24, 2024 · (August 21, 1567 – December 28, 1622) Saint Francis de Sales’ Story. Francis was destined by his father to be a lawyer so that the young man could eventually take his elder’s place as a senator from the province of Savoy in France. For this reason Francis was sent to Padua to study law.

  2. Chapter 1: Main Events in the Life of Francis de Sales Francis was born on 21 August 1567 in the family castle of Sales, in Thorens in the duchy of upper Savoy. He was the firstborn child of Francis and Frances De Boisy. His father was forty-four, and his mother fifteen.

  3. SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES, BISHOP, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH1567-1622. Feast: January 29. Francis de Sales was born at the Chateau de Sales in Swiss Savoy on August 21, 1567, and at his baptism in the parish church of Thorens was named Francis Bonaventura, for two greatly loved Franciscan saints.

  4. St. Francis de Sales. Bishop of Geneva, Doctor of the Universal Church; born at Thorens, in the Duchy of Savoy, 21 August, 1567; died at Lyons, 28 December, 1622. His father, Francois de Sales de Boisy, and his mother, Francoise de Sionnaz, belonged to old Savoyard aristocratic families. The future saint was the eldest of six brothers.

  5. St. Frances de Sales (1567-1622): Bishop, Religious Founder, Doctor of the Church. St. Francis was a renowned French Catholic bishop and spiritual writer, known for his gentle demeanor and profound teachings on love and humility.

  6. This saint was no less a person than Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Universal Church. Like those brilliant examples of Christian perfection and wisdom to whom We have just referred, he seemed to have been sent especially by God to contend against the heresies begotten by the Reformation.

  7. Today, the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales are one of several religious congregations in the Catholic Church founded under his patronage. On January 8, 1661, Pope Alexander VII beatified St. Francis de Sales, and canonized him on April 19, 1665. His feast day is celebrated on January 24.

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