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  1. Matilda of Ringelheim - Wikipedia

    Matilda of Ringelheim (c. 892 – 14 March 968), also known as Saint Matilda, was a Saxon noblewoman. Due to her marriage to Henry I in 909, she became the first Ottonian queen. Her eldest son, Otto I, restored the Holy Roman Empire in 962. Mathilde founded several spiritual institutions and women's convents.

  2. Matilda de Ringelheim (c.896 - 968) - Genealogy

    St. Mathilda was celebrated for her devotion to prayer and almsgiving; her first biographer depicted her (in a passage indebted to the sixth-century vita of the Frankish queen Radegund by Venantius Fortunatus) leaving her husband's side in the middle of the night and sneaking off to church to pray. St. Mathilda founded many religious ...

  3. Theodoric von Ringelheim (c.872 - 916) - Genealogy

    Count Of Ringelheim Theodoric Countess Of RINGELHEIM was born about 853 in Ringelheim, Goslar, * Hannover, Prussia : Alt. Birth 299 He died Unknown . Parents: Count Of Ringelheim Reginhart Count Of VON RINGELHEIM and , Countess Of Ringelheim Matilda VON RINGELHEIM. Spouse: Ludmilla Ragnhildis COUNTESS OF RINGELHEIM.

  4. Eadgyth - Wikipedia

    There was probably rivalry between the Benedictine Monastery of St Maurice founded at Magdeburg by Otto and Eadgyth in 937, a year after coming to the throne, and Matilda's foundation Quedlinburg Abbey, intended by her as a memorial to her husband, the late King Henry. Edith accompanied her husband on his travels, though not during battles.

  5. A History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, Vol. 2, By Johann Martin Lappenberg, p. 108, 1845. Hugh Capet was, "the son of Hugh the Great, Duke of France, and Hedwige of Saxony, daughter of the German King Henry the Fowler". Hedwig's mother was Saint Matilda of Ringelheim and her brother was Otto, Holy Roman Emperor.

  6. German History - On This Day

    0968-03-14 Matilda of Ringelheim, German Queen (c. 895) 0973-05-07 Otto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor (962-973), dies at 60 0973-07-04 Ulrich of Augsburg, German bishop (b. 890)

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  9. Liste von Grabstätten europäischer Monarchen – Wikipediaätten...

    Matilda von England: 1102–1167 ... Mathilde von Ringelheim: 895–968 Stiftskirche St. Servatius in Quedlinburg Kaiser Otto I. 912–973 Magdeburger Dom, ...

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    Walpert (Count; of RINGELHEIM) in Saxon LEHRGAU (by 825 - by 891) ; or: poss. Witikind IV (q.v. : Walpert's cousin); aka Waltbert (Waltpraht Walbert Wolpert) von WESTSACHSEN; Count of OLDENBURG?; Count von THREKWITIGAU (im GRAINGAU & THRECWITIGAU)

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