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  1. NASG - Standard-gauge Modeling

    * Unfortunately, in model railroading's history there was a format called "Standard Gauge" introduced by Lionel in 1906. You can read more about it on Wikipedia . When we use the commonly-referred-to term "standard-gauge", we use it to differentiate between 4' 8-1/2" railhead spacing and that of the narrow-gauges (Sn2, Sn3, and Sn42).

  2. Category:Standard gauge railways in Germany - Wikimedia Commons

    Category:Standard gauge railways in Germany. ... Wikipedia; This page was last edited on 21 October 2017, at 20:37.

  3. Uganda's Standard Gauge Railway Project - Leads 2 Business Blog

    What is the Uganda Standard Gauge Railway Project? Uganda is revamping it’s 100-year-old railway lines to improve cargo transport in the country. The 1266 km meter-gauge rail line was built by the British during colonial times to transport copper.

  4. Geji sanifu - Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

    Geji sanifu (kwa Kiingereza: standard gauge) ni geji (yaani kipimo cha umbali kati ya pau mbili za njia ya reli) inayotumika zaidi duniani. Takriban asilimia 55 za njia zote za reli duniani zinatumia geji hii yenye upana wa milimita 1,435. Hasa njia zote za reli ya mkasi mkubwa (isipokuwa Urusi, Uzbekistan na Ufini) hutumia geji sanifu.

  5. Uk Standard Gauge — Soundexile

    Indian Broad Gauge Garratt steams again British Rail Class 140 - Wikipedia Ajax Machine Tools: Pedestal Drilling Machines: 25mm - 70mm

  6. モンバサ・ナイロビ標準軌鉄道 - Wikipediaモンバサ・ナイロビ...

    モンバサ・ナイロビ標準軌鉄道(モンバサ・ナイロビひょうじゅんきてつどう)(中国語: 蒙巴萨-内罗毕标准轨铁路 、英語: Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway )は、ケニアのナイロビとモンバサを結ぶ標準軌(1,435mm軌間)の鉄道。

  7. Come to think of it, why a standard gauge system in Melbourne? allan Yes, the original Glenelg Railway was BG and converted to SG for the electric tram Posted: 09 Apr 2017 13:44

  8. Raideleveys – Wikipedia

    Maailman yleisintä raideleveyttä, 1 435 millimetriä, kutsutaan normaaliraideleveydeksi (engl. standard gauge, saks. Normalspur) tai joskus kansainväliseksi raideleveydeksi (engl. international gauge). Normaalileveyttä kapeampia raideleveyksiä sanotaan kapeiksi raideleveyksiksi (engl. narrow gauge, saks.

  9. Given that the new wooden sleepers that have been put in so far are broad gauge width there would be no change. Informative (2) Posted: 27 Sep 2017 10:11

  10. Why is standard gauge track chosen for the Mumbai–Ahmedabad ...

    Simply because, * By choosing a standard gauge track, we have a bullet train as it is running in Japan. * As, Saket Iyer suggests, it will give us the choice to choose between various rolling stock manufacturers.