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    American wire gauge (AWG), also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, is a logarithmic stepped standardized wire gauge system used since 1857, predominantly in North America, for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire. Dimensions of the wires are given in ASTM standard B 258.

  2. Standard-gauge railway - Wikipedia

    A standard-gauge railway is a railway with a track gauge of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1 ⁄ 2 in).The standard gauge is also called Stephenson gauge after George Stephenson, International gauge, UIC gauge, uniform gauge, normal gauge and European gauge in Europe.

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    Define standard gauge. standard gauge synonyms, standard gauge pronunciation, standard gauge translation, English dictionary definition of standard gauge. n. 1.

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  5. Talk:Standard-gauge railway - Wikipedia

    What is the standard tolerance on Standard Gauge? No-one can build and maintain track at an exact gauge of 1.435 International Standard metres. There must be a definition (International [bar USA], National, or local) of the allowable deviation, in new build track and in later use.

  6. standard gauge - Wiktionary

    standard gauge (uncountable) ( rail transport ) A specification of the width of railway tracks between the two rails of 56.5 inches (1435 mm). Related terms [ edit ]

  7. standard gauge | Example sentences

    Examples of how to use “standard gauge” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs

  8. Standard wire gauge - How is standard wire gauge abbreviated?

    It is standard wire gauge. standard wire gauge listed as SWG. ... Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Acronym Definition; SWG: ... standard wire gauge; standard wire gauges;

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    noun: railroad track having the standard width of 56.5 inches Related words... Search for standard gauge at other dictionaries: OneLook , Oxford , American Heritage , Merriam-Webster , Wikipedia

  10. Gauge theory - Wikipedia

    The Standard Model is a non-abelian gauge theory with the symmetry group U(1) × SU(2) × SU(3) and has a total of twelve gauge bosons: the photon, three weak bosons and eight gluons. Gauge theories are also important in explaining gravitation in the theory of general relativity .

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    gauge (plural gauges) A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard 2007. Zerzan, John. Silence. p. 2. The record of philosophy vis-à-vis silence is generally dismal, as good a gauge as any to its overall failure.