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  1. Oct 15, 2020 · That Hope Is You, Part 1: Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi. With Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman. Arriving 930 years in the future, Burnham navigates a galaxy she no longer recognizes while searching for the rest of the U.S.S. Discovery crew.

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  2. That Hope Is You, Part 1 (episode) | Memory Alpha | Fandom › wiki › That_Hope_Is_You
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    In 3188, Aditya Sahil awakes each day to carry out an uninterrupted routine of manning an old Federation relay station. Meanwhile, Cleveland Booker pilots his ship away from Hima, pursued and fired upon by Cosmo Traitt, who complains that Booker has stolen his own purloined cargo. The cargo "belongs to itself" Booker responds before his vessel detects a space-time anomaly forming. Trying to maneuver away from Cosmo, Booker accidentally collides with Commander Michael Burnham, who emerges from...

    Act One

    Burnham finds Booker's crashed ship on the shore of a small lake. Booker startles her by cloaking the vessel and attacking her. Burnham says she does not wish to fight him, but he engages her briefly in hand-to-hand combat. They stop fighting, and Booker chastises her for tearing a hole in space-time. Burnham asks if she is on Terralysium, but Booker informs her she is on Hima, a planet unknown to her. Burnham apologizes for crashing into his ship and says that without her crew, she must plac...

    Act Two

    Burnham and Booker arrive at Requiem, where the Mercantile floats above the city. She is surprised to find that the Andorians and Orions work together to run the facility. As she is not a courier, she is almost denied entry, but Booker reveals that she has items to trade and she is allowed in. Booker explains that holo-buyers and -sellers strike deals that are confirmed and regulated by the Orions and Andorians, though some side deals such as trading her "antiques" are possible. Burnham is im...

    "Computer, life readings. Is there life here? Anywhere?" "Multiple life-signs detected." "Y-E-S-S-S-S!!! A-HAAAAAH! Y-E-S-S-S-S!!!" 1. - Burnham and her suit's computerconfirming that Control had not succeeded in destroying all life. "The Burn was the day the galaxy took a hard left. Dilithium. One day, most of it just went boom... a lot of people died." 1. - Booker "Oh! I have a friend with red hair, you cannotgive this to her." 1. - Burnham, under the influence of the truth drug "We left everything that I have ever known or loved behind me for the sake of creation! Right?! If you think about it – let's be honest – I saved allthe things… Ohhh! And then I shot out of a wormhole and I hit a guy." 1. - Burnham, drugged, about her experience "You guys have a real problem if your couriers are stealing stuff and then colliding with thousand-year-old women in space!" "What cargo was he hauling?" "I don't know, but it was temperature-sensitive, and really valuable, so it's probably ice cre...


    1. "That Hope Is You, Part 1" is the first episode of Star Trekwith "Part 1" or "I" in the title that is not immediately followed by a "Part 2" or "II" episode. Which, in this case, the second part closes the same season that the first part opened.

    Story and script

    1. Alex Kurtzman stated about this episode, "Writing the [season three] premiere [was] like writing a pilot for a new show in many ways, and it's daunting in the way that you want it to be daunting, because you're not resting comfortable on anything."


    1. Like with "Brother" at the start of season two, there are new animations for the DIS opening titles starting with this episode. This is also the first episode of Discovery to use a new font for the title. 1.1. Though only the font for "Discovery" changes in this episode, the font for "Star Trek" changes later in the season. 2. Exterior shots on Hima were filmed in Iceland. This marks only the second time that footage for a live-action Star Trek episode was filmed outside of North America,...


    1. Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham 2. Doug Jones as Saru 3. Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets 4. Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly And 1. David Ajala as Cleveland "Book" Booker

    Guest starring

    1. Adil Hussain as Aditya Sahil


    1. Nicole Dickinson as Hadley 2. Riley Gilchrist as Andorian regulator 3. Julianne Grossman as Sanctuary voice 4. Brandon McGibbon as Ithyk the Andorian 5. Jake Michaels as Ithor the Orion 6. Fabio Tassone as Book's ship computer 7. David Benjamin Tomlinson as Cosmo Traitt

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    Arriving 930 years in the future, Burnham navigates a galaxy she no longer recognizes while searching for the rest of the U.S.S. Discovery crew. Air Date: Oct 14, 2020

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    Oct 17, 2020 · Discovery Season 3 Reviewed: That Hope Is You, Part 1. By David Milburn. -. October 17, 2020. Welcome to the first of a weekly series of new reviews for Star Trek: Discovery’s long-awaited third season. We’re taking a slightly different approach in that each member of the TrekThis team will cast their opinions in the one review.

  7. Oct 15, 2020 · Learn more about Book and Commander Burnham's first encounter, Ajala's special furry co-star, and the all-new props designed for Season 3. Stream all-new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery on ...

    • 33 min
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