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  1. Star Trek: First Contact is a 1996 American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes (in his motion picture directorial debut) and based on the franchise Star Trek. It is the eighth film in the Star Trek film series , as well as the second to star the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation .

  2. The first Star Trek movie models constructed were small study models for Planet of the Titans based on designs by Adam and McQuarrie, but these flat-hulled Enterprise concepts were abandoned when that film was cancelled (although one was later used in the space-dock in the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and another later appeared in ...

  3. I viewed this tonight (6/23/2016) to commemorate the wrap of production of First Contact twenty years ago at this time. I had not seen the movie on the big screen since 1996, and did so tonight thanks to the current state of high performance home theater front projection and sound systems.

  4. The first movie to feature the TNG cast and was intended as a torch-passing moment rather than a final farewell to the original cast that Star Trek VI was. November 22, 1996Star Trek: First Contact (2373/2063) — The Borg attempt to assimilate Earth in the past, with Picard slowly becoming Captain Ahab against them. note

  5. In Star Trek, a young Kirk uses an integrated Nokia mobile car phone, while Uhura is seen ordering Budweisers in an Iowa bar. The Voyage Home is the first Star Trek production to be directed by a member of the main cast. While Leonard Nimoy had also directed the previous film, he was not a member of the main cast, only appearing at the end.

  6. Because so much of the Star Trek first contact story is already known, there is less background that needs to be dealt with by the writers in the early episodes. This produces more than the usual number of good episodes in the first season. The best include:

  7. Actress | Star Trek: First Contact Majel Barrett (born Majel Leigh Hudec) was an American actress, known for her long association with the Star Trek franchise. She had multiple Star Trek-related roles, though she is mostly remembered for her roles as Nurse Christine Chapel in "Star Trek: The Original Series" (1966-1969) and as ...

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