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    • Common SD Card Problems For Trail Cameras – Trail Cam Junkie
      • Try blowing or using compressed air into the SD card socket, to dislodge any possible debris that may have gotten on to the contacts inside your camera. If that doesn’t work, you will need to contact the manufacturer. The likely problem is either a bad socket inside the camera, or a firmware problem from corrupted files.
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  2. Stealth Cam Troubleshooting. No matter how expensive or excellent the camera is, staying out there for days and months will make it go through trouble more than any other electronic device. You may notice a sudden change in photo quality, or perhaps the camera will stop taking pictures or videos, or maybe the night vision isn’t working. But there is no reason to panic or worry because these issues are not difficult to solve.

  3. Look for corrosion on the terminals that the batteries connect to. Make sure these are shiny. It sounds like you are not getting the right voltage. With a camera that old the contacts may have gotten some battery acid on them at some point.

  4. May 20, 2017 · Stealth Game Camera Troubleshooting Lots of people use guns to hunt now. Even though this is a more than acceptable solution to hunt, it can be less of a ability than hunting having bow and arrow is.

  5. Download the latest software patches for your Stealth Cam model. Product Registration Be sure to register your trail camera to get the most benefit from your warranty.

  6. Jul 29, 2019 · You just need to tweak the settings of your trail camera before you go. Put the trail or stealth camera into the multi-shot mode. You will see it on the “Setup.” The options will allow you to choose how many shots will be captured consecutively in the multi-shot mode. Choose your desired number and click the “Select.”

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