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  1. Stephen Hopkins (1581-1644)/List of Famous Descendants ...

    Famous descendants of American immigrant Stephen Hopkins (1581-1644) who sailed to Plymouth Colony with his wife and several children, including one baby born aboard ship. He previously had been shipwrecked in 1607 in an effort to join the colony in Virginia. Stephen was the leader of non-separatist at Plymouth.

  2. Notable Descendants - The Mayflower Society

    Descendant of Stephen and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins. ♦ Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (1908-1979): 41st Vice President of the United States, 49th Governor of New York. Descendant of Pilgrim William and Mary Brewster. ♦ Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945): 32nd President of the United States. Descendant of Pilgrims Isaac Allerton, Francis Cooke, John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, Degory Priest, John and Joan (Hurst) Tilley, and Richard and Elizabeth (Walker) Warren.

  3. 7 Famous Mayflower Descendants - HISTORY

    Oct 28, 2018 · 7 Famous Mayflower Descendants. ... In Plymouth, Stephen Hopkins acted as an emissary to the local Native Americans and served for a time as an assistant to the colony’s governor, but also ran ...

    • Elizabeth Nix
    • George Eastman
      George Eastman
      The man who founded Eastman Kodak Company in 1892 and made photography available to the masses was a descendant of William Bradford, the influential, longtime governor of Plymouth Colony whose journal, later published under the title “Of Plymouth Plantation,” is the main record of Pilgrim life.
    • Julia Child
      Julia Child
      Credit: New York Times Co./ Getty Images. The woman who taught Americans the art of French cooking likely would’ve been underwhelmed by the dining options aboard the Mayflower (ship goers of that era typically subsisted on such items as salted meats and dried grains) but she did have a number of relatives, including William and Mary Brewster, who as passengers aboard the vessel would’ve had no choice but to eat up.
    • James Garfield
      James Garfield
      America’s 20th chief executive was descended from a family of troublemakers: non-Separatists John and Eleanor Billington, who made the Mayflower voyage with their two teenage sons.
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    4. Judah Hopkins, Sr. was born January 1677/1678 at Eastham, Barnstable, MA (on Cape Cod). He was the son of Stephen and Mary (Merrick) Hopkins. He was married 14 April 1702 at Eastham to Hannah Mayo, daughter of Samuel and Ruth Mayo and a descendent of William Brewster of the Mayflower.

  6. Stephen Hopkins Biography | Mayflower Heritage and History

    In his listing of the Mayflower passengers Bradford included "Mr. Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth his wife, and two children called Giles and Constanta, a daughter, both by a former wife. And two more by this wife called Damaris and Oceanus; the last was born at sea. And two servants called Edward Doty and Edward Lester" [Bradford 442).

  7. Stephen Hopkins (Mayflower passenger) - Wikipedia

    Servants on the Mayflower with the Hopkins family. Edward Doty. Servant, aged likely between 21 and 25. He signed the Mayflower Compact, with his name spelled as "Doten". He had a long, controversial ... Edward Leister. As reported by William Bradford, he came on the Mayflower as a servant to ...

  8. Oceanus Hopkins, (son of Stephen 1 Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher) b. in On The "MAYFLOWER". V. Caleb Hopkins, (son of Stephen 1 Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher). VI. Deborah Hopkins, (daughter of Stephen 1 Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher). VII. Damaris II Hopkins, (son of Stephen 1 Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher). VIII. Ruth Hopkins, (daughter of Stephen 1 Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher). IX.

  9. Hopkins-Stephen —

    Stephen was back in England by 1617, when he married Elizabeth Fisher, but apparently had every intention of bringing his family back to Virginia. Their first child, Damaris, was born about 1618. In 1620, Stephen Hopkins brought his wife, and children Constance, Giles, and Damaris on the Mayflower (child Elizabeth apparently had died). Stephen was a fairly active member of the Pilgrim group shortly after arrival, perhaps a result of his being one of the few individuals who had been to ...

  10. Stephen Hopkins Famous Kin (24679)

    Famous Kin of. Robert Treat Paine. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 3rd great-grandson. Levi Parsons Morton. Louis Comfort Tiffany. Lavinia Warren. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw.

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