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    5 days ago · Steven Rogers was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, in 1920 to poor Irish immigrants, Sarah and Joseph Rogers. Joseph died when Steve was a child, and Sarah died of pneumonia while Steve was a teen.

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    Established in 2012, the mission of the Richard Montgomery School Athletics Hall of Fame is to promote the achievements of those exemplary student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and contributors to the athletic program. In its inaugural year there were twenty inductees into the Hall of Fame. Inductees are listed below in no particular order.

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    Marconi didn’t know the can of worms he was opening when he postulated the possibility of sending signals by radio telegraphy. Little could he know that the invention would make millions of dollars for professional haranguers like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. Here in the Rogue Valley, we keep our haranguing on the radio to a minimum, which is why our readers once again gave their voice of approval to KAJO and KLDR, owned and operated by the Wilson family. They were awarded 37% of the votes...


    There’s a conspiracy theory going around that when the aliens landed at Roswell, N.M., in 1947, they inserted their brains into radio disc jockeys around the world, spreading their message of rock ‘n’ roll, which was invented on their home planet. More on this theory later. One deejay able to thwart the advances of the alien takeover was KAJOs Carl Wilson, who has won this event five times in the last 25 years. There ain’t an alien alive that would dare mess with ol’ Carl. We don’t call him “...


    Okay, how many people saw me interviewed on Channel 10 while spending a day at Grants Pass Downs in June? The reporter even zoomed in on my stat sheet where it showed me winning $1.75 for the day. Last of the big-time spenders, I’ll tell ya. Once again this category was a runaway as NewsWatch 12 (KDRV) continues to impress viewers with their coverage of the news. KOBI/Channel 5 and KTVL (Channel 10) also received their fair share of votes.


    Anyone who opens a new business in this economy is a true hero and an eternal optimist. But seriously, the only reason we’re in this economic mess is that we all got a little greedy back during the housing bubble, and the house of cards came tumbling down. We just got to hang in there and support each other. Anyway, winning this category for 2011 was Sleadd’s Adventure Depot, a “toy and hobby shop” at 420 SW 6th where you can find slot cars, train sets, remote-control helicopters, nerf guns,...


    This was an interesting category, as Grants Pass is home to an extraordinary number of businesspeople who devote themselves to the betterment of this community. Two of those are Cliff Bennett and his son Travis who get up every morning at 5:00 to water and plant fifty flower baskets scattered throughout downtown Grants Pass. The Bennetts have provided this beautification program to local residents for the last ten years and should be honored for it. Others included: 1. Brady Adams of Evergree...


    Your time in high school only lasts four years but for many it’s a defining moment in their career as a human being. Why else would high school reunions be so popular? By definition, we all probably exhibited a certain amount of adolescent behavior at that time, and we should thank our teachers for putting up with us. At GPHS, that list would include Marty Zottola, who teaches Advanced Humanities, college writing and English. Also high on the list were: 1. Teri Houghton, English. 2. Kate Skud...


    This is always a fun category because at almost every meeting the eight City Councilors stick their necks out and take stands on local issues that they feel are important. Like society at large, there is rarely a unanimous decision, and that is a good thing. It was also good to see that all eight councilor received votes in this category, and we will list the top four here: 1. Kris Wodburn. 2. Dan DeYoung. 3. Richard Michelon. 4. Rick Riker.


    Dwight Ellis certainly threw county government a curveball when he decided to announce his early retirement a couple of months ago. Out of fairness, he removed himself from the debate on whom to replace him, but after the other two commissioners, Simon Hare and Sandi Cassanelli, couldn’t agree on a candidate, he volunteered to help out. It only makes sense. Who better to decide what candidate would best represent his views than Ellis himself? Amazingly, this category ended in an exact tie bet...


    Government employees have been taking a beating in the media lately, but seriously, they’re there to do jobs that we hired them for, and they take it very seriously. So cut them some slack! This year, our readers with most impressed with the efforts of theGrants Pass Public Safety Department, which is responsible for both police and fire. They were followed by: 1. Parks Department. 2. Water Department. 3. Community Development. 4. Administration.


    As opposed to last year when only three new restaurants popped up in Josephine County, this year there were EIGHT! Who said there was a recession, anyway? I think the media is just making it all up. Taking down the top spot for 2011 was an exact tie between Hannah’s Restaurant, featuring authentic Southern cooking at the corner of 5th & H; and Black Bear Diner, which opened at 1900 NW 6th Street, right near the Caveman Statue. Coming in a close third was Chik-n-Rib, located at 407 NE 7th, fol...


    When you wake up and your stomach is already growling, you know it’s time to have some breakfast. And the best way to drown out the rumblings from down under is good conversation with friends. Where do our readers go in that regard? This year was a 3-way tie between the Powderhorn Café at 321 NE 6th; Elmer’s Restaurant (175 NE Agness), and Black Bear Diner. It was a vicious battle for the top, however, and other popular restaurants included: 1. Train Depot, located at 577 NE F. 2. The Gold Mi...


    This was probably the most popular category in the restaurant section of this survey, as 34 different establishments were named. Lunch apparently is one of those times when we love to socialize (“let’s do lunch,” etc.) and get out of the house. Topping the list for 2011 was Taprock Northwest Grill at 971 SE 6th, which has attracted quite a loyal lunch following in the last two years. I’ll admit that the Top Five were very close, and they included: 1. The Train Depot. 2. Circle J Café (located...


    Taking down the number one spot in this category was folk-rock singer/songwriter Marc Cohn, who made an appearance at the Rogue Theatre. Cohn is best known for his song “Walking in Memphis” from his 1991 album Marc Cohn.


    Many of the Rogue Valley Symphony concerts, under the direction of Martin Majkut, were named by our readers. Topping the list was the February concert featuring soloist Elinor Frey on cello. Also mentioned a lot was the Jefferson Baroque Orchestra concert in November, “A Special Evening of Antonio Vivaldi,” with John Taylor on mandolin,


    Our readers love the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, and they named quite a few performances, including this year’s favorite, Michael Franti and Spearhead. Others mentioned a lot were Alison Kraus and Styx. FAVORITE CONCERT IN THE PARK Local funk/soul band Funktional Fusionwon this category, followed by the Southern Oregon Jazz Orchestra.

  5. Lascomb Leads Panthers with 6 RBI's and 4 Hits › 2010 › 04

    Apr 21, 2010 · Jackson Rogers picked up the win and Steven Fisher recorded his 7th save of the season. The Panthers scored 2 in the first off of Taylor Cokely when Ryan Mahoney doubled and Ryan Miller walked before Lascomb knocked them in with a double to left. They added 3 more in the 3rd on a single by Thomas Rea and a walk to Mahoney. Miller followed with ...

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    Steven Wright / Tom Popomaronis: ... Michael Rogers: Lost 6-1, 2-6, 3-6-/- ... Thu, 2.11 Final Men's Basketball vs. Washington and Lee W, 78-68.

  7. Entertainer watches world's rich and famous from piano bench ... › entertainment › entertainer

    Jun 07, 2021 · Steven Rogers’ new book, “A Letter to My White Friends and Colleagues: What You Can Do Right Now to Help the Black Community” begins with what he considers the three most descriptive ...

  8. Jun 09, 2021 · In 2013, the family moved to Spokane, where Jasmine attended Garry Middle School and then Rogers High School. Once in high school, Jasmine began to struggle with drug addiction and dropped out ...

  9. Pat Casey emerges as leading candidate to be next LSU ... › 2021/6/9 › 22526754

    3 days ago · Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports. Noted college baseball insider, Kendall Rogers, is reporting that Pat Casey has emerged as the lead candidate to become the next head baseball coach at LSU ...

  10. Jun 09, 2021 · WSU basketball; EWU football; EWU basketball ... topped Rogers (174) and East Valley (159.5). Five former state champs took home 2021 GSL titles – North Central’s Steven Zaragoza (106) and ...

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