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  1. Peridot (Steven Universe) - Works | Archive of Our Own (Steven Universe...

    I’m Steven Universe, son of Greg Universe and a former alien rebel leader. I’m joined by my best/girl friend u/ConnieTheSword, former Homeworld technician turned rebel u/Peridot-Cut-5XG, and my friend who died before I un-died him u/LarsOfTheStars-2.

  2. Peridot/Steven Universe - Works | Archive of Our Own*s*Steven...

    gift fanfiction; Summary. Peridot makes Steven satisfy her hunger a second time. Series. ... Peridot/Steven Universe (128) Peridot & Steven Universe (14)

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  4. Peridots depression Chapter 1, a steven universe fanfic ...

    Hello everyone. This is my first fanfiction so please give as much of advice as possible. This takes place on an au where Peridot and Lapis Lazuil have become real members of the crystal gems and have their own rooms.

  5. Lemony Fresh SU One-Shots Chapter 14: Steven x Peridot, a ...

    Peridot obeys, lying on her back and watching the hybrid. Swallowing roughly, Steven climbs in between her legs, remembering what he saw. After a hesitant sniff, he starts licking her slit, causing the green gem to flinch a little. [What is this sensation?]

  6. Peridot/Steven Universe - Works | Archive of Our Own*s*Steven...

    Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Peridot/Steven Universe; Peridot (Steven Universe) Steven Universe; Romantic Friendship; Fluff; Mild Hurt/Comfort; Summary. Both dealing with the shock of losing their best friends, Steven and Peridot turn to each other for comfort and company.

  7. Stevidot Stories - Wattpad

    Stevidot love fanfiction by ZenomanKnows 10.6K 183 40 When Peridot goes on her first mission with the Crystal Gems, she starts to have a tingling feeling in her chest and she starts to develop a crush.

  8. Amputee Peridot (Steven Universe) - Works | Archive of Our Own Peridot (Steven...

    Dec 14, 2020 · Peridot is forced to take art for extra credit and is prepared to have the worst year of her life. That is, until strange marks start to appear on Lapis' arm more and more regularly as the year goes on. The lingering feeling of her soulmate is close by but she refuses to acknowledge it, not after what happened the year before.

  9. Reaching New Ground Chapter 1: Eye To Eye, a steven universe ...

    Steven laughed. "No Peridot, see the cards?" Steven held up one and flipped it around. It had an illustration of a goldfish on the back. "They have fish on them, that's why it's called 'Go Fish.'" "But WHY?" Peridot shrieked, snatching the card and shaking it. "WHAT RELEVANCE DOES THIS GAME HAVE TO FISH?!" Steven paused.

  10. Steven Universe LEMON Collection Chapter 5: A ... - FanFiction

    A feral moan escaped Peridot's mouth, goosebumps covering her naked green body at the sudden loss of warmth with the shower turned off, and the aching heat building up inside her as Steven's fingers began to penetrate her, electrifying Peridot to life.

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    related to: steven universe peridot fanfiction