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  2. Stone Age Facts for Kids

    Dec 23, 2020 · The Stone Age was a prehistoric time when people made tools from stone. Wood, bones, and other materials were also used for tools, but those things don't last as long, so more stone tools are found. Stone (especially a hard kind of stone called flint) was used to cut things. The period began with the first stone tools, about 2.7 million years ago. Some groups of people were still in the stone age into the 20th century.

  3. Stone Age - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

    The Stone Age was a time in prehistory when humans made and used stone tools. ( Prehistory is the time before people invented writing.) Early humans began using stones as simple tools about 2 million years ago. Humans used mainly stone tools until about 10,000 years ago.

  4. Stone Age Facts For Kids - Learn All About Stone Age

    Stone Age Houses – Facts about Stone Age Houses Caves. They stayed near the mouth of the cave because it was warmer and there was more light. They drew on the cave... Hut / Tepee. This shelter was built with a wooden frame in the shape of a tepee. The wooden frame would be covered by... Animal Bone ...

  5. Top 10 Facts About The Stone Age! - Fun Kids - the UK's ...
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    • The Stone Age began around 2.5 million years ago. It may have started millions of years ago but it only ended in 2500BC, that was just 4,520 years ago!
    • There were 4 different types of humans in the stone age. Seems strange to think there were different types of human (I thought there was only one right?)
    • In the early stone age, humans lived in caves. Yes, they didn’t have house’s yet – caves were the best they could do. Later on in the Stone Age they did start to build huts made out of wood and animal skins and then towards the end of the stone age, they started to build permanent places to live – with a roof!
    • The only two things humans had to do was to look for food and protect themselves from wild animals. That’s right, no school to go to or homework to complete or chores around the house to do.
  6. Stone Age For Kids | Stone Age Facts | DK Find Out

    The Stone Age is divided into three periods and the exact dates for each period vary across the world. The Old Stone (Paleolithic) Age lasted from the first use of stones until the end of the last Ice Age. The Middle Stone (Mesolithic) Age lasted from the end of the last Ice Age until the start of farming.

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  7. 16 Fun And Fascinating Stone Age Facts For Kids
    • The Three Period Of Stone Age: The Stone Age is divided into three periods- the Old Stone or the Paleolithic Age, the Middle Stone or the Mesolithic Age and the New Stone or Neolithic Age.
    • The Human Beginnings, the Hominins: Around 6 to 7 million years back, a group of apes began walking on two legs. These were the hominins, a group that includes the modern humans and the ancestors.
    • The Homo Sapiens: Every human in the world today belongs to Homo sapiens, which means ‘wise man.’ Modern humans or Homo sapiens emerged around 200,000 years ago in Africa.
    • The Life Of A Hunter-Gatherer: The hunter-gatherer of the Stone Age ate everything that he found. He moved from one place to another in search of food.
  8. Stone Age Facts for Children and Teachers | Prehistoric Life

    10 fascinating Stone Age facts: During the Neolithic period of the Stone Age, the mysterious monument of Stonehenge was built. No one is quite sure why... At the beginning of the Stone Age, Europe was still attached to Africa. This means that early humans could walk from... People during the Stone ...

  9. Stone Age - HISTORY

    The Stone Age marks a period of prehistory in which humans used primitive stone tools. Lasting roughly 2.5 million years, the Stone Age ended around 5,000 years ago when humans in the Near East...

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