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  1. Everything You Need to Know About 'Stoned Ape Theory' › stoned-ape-theory

    Hailed as a ‘modern classic on mind-altering drugs and hallucinogens’ (Washington Post) it contained the radical ‘Stoned Ape Theory’. What is ‘Stoned Ape Theory?‘ Firstly, for all you sticklers for accuracy, the ‘Stoned Ape Theory’ is not technically a theory. A theory is a hypothesis (a proposed explanation or idea) that is backed up by proven evidence. As there is currently no concrete factual evidence for this idea, it remains a hypothesis. So! The ‘Stoned Ape Hypothesis’.

  2. The Stoned Ape Theory and the Dawn of Human Consciousness ... › human-origins-science

    The Stoned Ape theory argues that the effects of magic mushrooms played a pivotal role in the evolution of the species. Increased clarity of vision would make hunting easier. Increased sexual desire would mean they were more prolific.

  3. The Stoned Ape Hypothesis: Did Magic Mushrooms Influence ... › life › evolution

    The stoned ape hypothesis is simply not the sort of hypothesis that can be taken up by a scientific study. It involves the emergence and nature of consciousness, as well as the true potential of psychedelic compounds — all subjects rife with their own mysteries. However, it's not the only possible explanation on the table.

  4. The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution by Terence McKenna ... › stoned-ape-theory

    Basically, the Stoned Ape Theory is the idea that when people take psilocybin mushrooms or any psychedelic, they are achieving a higher level of interconnected mental awareness, “man.” Maybe they don’t just have a drug experience, perhaps they really are having that heightened level of consciousness.

  5. The Stoned Ape Theory Offers an Unconventional View of Human ... › stoned-ape-theory

    The Stoned Ape Theory is greatly based on supposition interpolating within some fragmentary facts we know about the history of humans. None of this theory is yet provable but, in fact, is plausible with some belief and imagination.

  6. In 'Stoned Ape' Theory, Consciousness Has Roots in Psilocybin › article › 34186-stoned-ape-hypothesis

    At its best, the Stoned Ape hypothesis is, as Stamets described it, an “unprovable hypothesis” that fits some – but not nearly all – of the knowledge we have about the evolution of consciousness....

  7. Stoned Ape Theory - Exploring Human Consciousness | Herb Approach › stoned-ape-theory

    The Stoned Ape Theory discusses the rapid growth of human consciousness and mental ability. Visit our blog to learn more about what it entails.

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    "Stoned ape" theory of human evolution In his book Food of the Gods , McKenna proposed that the transformation from humans' early ancestors Homo erectus to the species Homo sapiens mainly had to do with the addition of the mushroom Psilocybe cubensis in the diet, [26] [73] [74] an event that according to his theory took place in about 100,000 ...

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