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    • 1. under the influence of drugs, especially marijuana: informal "he was up in the deck chair getting stoned"
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    What does the term stoned mean?

    How did the word 'stoned' come to mean 'to be high'?

    What is the etymology of 'being stoned'?

    What is another word for Stoner?

  3. Stoned | Definition of Stoned by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › stoned

    Definition of stoned. 1 : drunk sense 1a. 2 : being under the influence of a drug (such as marijuana) taken especially for pleasure : high.

  4. Stoned | Definition of Stoned at › browse › stoned

    Stoned definition, intoxicated or dazed from drugs; high (sometimes followed by out): to be stoned out on pot. See more.

  5. Stoned - definition of stoned by The Free Dictionary › stoned

    stoned. (stōnd) adj. Slang. 1. Intoxicated by a drug, especially marijuana. 2. Drunk. [Earlier stone, drunk, shortening of stone-drunk, drunk senseless, very drunk .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

  6. STONED | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary › english › stoned

    stoned meaning: 1. experiencing the effects of a drug, such as cannabis: 2. with the stone (= seed) removed: 3…. Learn more.

  7. Urban Dictionary: Stoned › define

    Stoned. A mind state in which you believe to be a inventor, philosopher, genius, or possibly all. Caused when you have smoked to much weed. A sure sign of being stoned is when you come up with ideas like an automatic basketball or you decide you can fly and Jesus was a robot.

  8. STONED Synonyms & Antonyms | › browse › stoned

    Find 28 ways to say STONED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

  9. Stone | Definition of Stone by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › stone

    Definition of stone (Entry 2 of 7) transitive verb. 1 : to hurl stones at especially : to kill by pelting with stones. 2 archaic : to make hard or insensitive to feeling. 3 : to face, pave, or fortify with stones. 4 : to remove the stones or seeds of (a fruit) 5 a : to rub, scour, or polish with a stone.

  10. What does stoned mean? stoned Definition. Meaning of stoned ... › meaning-definition-of › stoned

    Definitions include: under the influence of marijuana; "stoned". hurt; Definitions include: very drunk or high. sketch; Definitions include: shortened form of sketchy. sloppy; Definitions include: To be drunk or high. low; Definitions include: very much under the influence of marijuana; "very high". crunched; Definitions include: very drunk or high. red

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