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  1. 15 of The Strangest Things You'll Find in Nature (PHOTOS ... › animalsandnature › the
    • JJ Dolm
    • The lyrebird. Native to Australia, the lyrebird is a natural mimic that can generate virtually any sound that it hears, including children’s toys, chainsaws and the calls of other animals.
    • Carnivorous Trees. Okay, so saying these trees are carnivorous may be hyperbolic, but the phenomenon of trees growing around a stationary object is an amazing example of nature’s power as well as perseverance.
    • Mammatus Clouds. If these clouds seem ominous it’s because they are. Formed under extreme meteorological conditions, they are often a harbinger of a severe thunderstorm or even an impending tornado.
    • Red-Lipped Batfish. Also known as the Galapagos batfish, this deep water vixen cruises around at depths of 30 meters or more and puts the phrase “trout pout” to shame.
  2. Sep 16, 2016 · Mother Nature is full of surprises. From a landscape of bubbling, gurgling mud volcanoes to swirling, blue walls hidden in a cave, the world is dotted with spectacular, natural oddities that may ...

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    • Staaan
    • The Great Blue Hole - Belize.
    • Yellowstone. author:tomstexasblues.
    • Northern Outburst. author:Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen.
    • Wall of Light. author:Alexander Semenov.
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    • Staaan
    • Freaky Orange. brisca.
    • A Unicorn - Almost. Dbl Ott Buck.
    • Beautiful Freak. Ozone9999, Duke and Sarge.
    • Nature Freak. rrsman.
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    Nov 29, 2014 · 25 Bizarre Nature Photos Showing How Strange Earth Really Is by: True Activist Posted on November 29, 2014 These photos might look like they come from an alien planet, but it turns out our own little Earth is capable of some truly weird stuff.

  7. Strange Earth: Take a Look At 27 Of The World’s Oddest ... › weird-nature-photos
    • Blue Hole – Underwater sinkholes like the one below can hit depths of up to 400m. This one is 392m deep, can be found in Belize and is the world’s largest blue hole.
    • Fire tornados (aka fire whirls or fire devils) – These occur, as you might expect, when very strong winds and intense raging fires meet. Bushfires often see fire tornadoes and they can wreck major havoc.
    • Deep sea ‘crop circles’ – These perfectly-made geometric shapes are the handiwork of the male pufferfish, who flap their fins about to create these strange patterns on the bottom of the ocean.
    • Infinite waves – These occur on the Amazon river twice a year where the Amazon meets the Atlantic Ocean. Waves like these can go on for 500 miles.
  8. These 12 Photos Prove How Strange Nature Is - Weird Worm › these-12-photos-prove-how
    • Monuments Of Nature. The Seven Giants, a rock formation in Russia’s Ural mountains, are the result of nature, not man, and stand at over two-hundred feet tall.
    • Something’s Crooked. Over four-hundred trees are curved like his in Poland. Though there are several theories (most of them pointing to some form of human intervention), no one knows for sure how the trees got this way.
    • Bad Clouds. These scary-looking clouds are harbingers of bad weather, sometimes signaling a coming tornado or severe thunderstorm.
    • The Ice Bleeds. The blood-like appearance of this flow in the Taylor Glacier is the result of a high concentration of iron in a subterranean lake.
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