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  1. Streptococcus bovis - Wikipedia › wiki › Streptococcus_bovis

    1 day ago · Streptococcus bovis (S. bovis) is a species of Gram-positive bacteria that in humans is associated with urinary tract infections, endocarditis, sepsis, and colorectal cancer.

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  3. Viridans streptococci - Wikipedia › wiki › Viridans_streptococci

    1 day ago · Identification. Viridans streptococci can be differentiated from Streptococcus pneumoniae using an optochin test, as viridans streptococci are optochin-resistant; they also lack either the polysaccharide-based capsule typical of S. pneumoniae or the Lancefield antigens of the pyogenic members of the genus.

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