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  1. Hives - Wikipedia

    Hives including chronic spontaneous hives can be a complication and symptom of a parasitic infection, such as blastocystosis and strongyloidiasis among others. The rash that develops from poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac contact is commonly mistaken for urticaria.

    • Red, raised, itchy bumps
    • Based on symptoms, patch testing
  2. Rash - Wikipedia

    The diagnosis may confirm any number of conditions. The presence of a rash may aid diagnosis; associated signs and symptoms are diagnostic of certain diseases. For example, the rash in measles is an erythematous, morbilliform, maculopapular rash that begins a few days after the fever starts. It classically starts at the head, and spreads downwards.

  3. Is It a Stress Rash or Something Else?

    Apr 05, 2019 · Stress can affect both your physical and emotional health. Experiencing stress is both common and normal, and many people will experience a stress rash at least once. A stress-induced rash isn’t ...

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  4. Dermatitis - Wikipedia

    Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a group of diseases that result in inflammation of the skin. These diseases are characterized by itchiness, red skin and a rash. In cases of short duration, there may be small blisters, while in long-term cases the skin may become thickened.

  5. Stress Effects on Skin: Rash, Itching, Bumps ... - WebMD

    WebMD explains the effects of stress on your skin, from breaking out with acne to rashes and more. ... Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive.

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  6. Stress rash as the name indicates, are rashes associated with stress; precisely, it is believed that such skin blemishes and irritation are brought about by our negative response to things happening around us. Stress can have many manifestations as it has many health affects. Some of them are clinically proven while some are beyond explanation.

  7. Stress rash: Effects, treatment, and alternative causes

    May 26, 2017 · Stress can trigger an outbreak of hives that can make up a stress rash.. Hives are raised, red-colored spots or welts. They vary in size and can occur anywhere on the body. Areas affected by hives ...

    • Aaron Kandola
  8. What is a Stress Rash? (with pictures)

    Jan 25, 2020 · Commonly, stress rash is what is known as hives or urticaria, and it might occur in greater or lesser amounts under a variety of stressful circumstances.It’s important to note that urticaria has many different causes, and its presence doesn’t always indicate stress.

  9. Stress Rash - Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

    Causes of stress rash. There are numerous studies that confirm the connection between intense stress and occurrence of rashes. A study conducted in Taiwan University in year 2005 concluded that stress can play a significant role in developing chronic kind of skin rashes.

  10. What To Do About Anxiety Rash - Calm Clinic

    Oct 24, 2018 · The only way to know if your rash is caused by anxiety is to: Eliminate other potential causes of rash. Manage your stress and anxiety and see if the rash goes away. One may never entirely know if a rash was anxiety related or not, but this approach can at least help you rule out other concerns while also addressing your anxiousness.