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  2. You’ve definitely heard of James and John, two names that have decorated the halls of history with their use. There are also monikers like Robert and George that have cooled but still retain their classic allure. Classics come in one syllable selections like Reid and Will as well as longer names like Benjamin and Christopher.

    • Arthur. Most well known for being the name of a famous British king with a round table of knights, Arthur is a name that means “nobility and courage”.
    • Pierce. Not a common name, to be sure, (but definitely a retro boy name!) Pierce is a derivative of “piers” with Old French and Middle English origins.
    • Theodore. Theodore is a Greek name meaning “God-given”. It is most commonly known for being the name of President Theodore Roosevelt, who served from 1901-1909.
    • Cecil. Cecil is a name associated with famous moviemaker, Cecil B. DeMille. He produced over 70 silent and sound films and is known as one of the founding fathers of American cinema.
  3. Names with biblical origins like Adam, Samuel, Joseph, Daniel and Alexander also prove popular amongst parents, all making strong, traditional choices. Other traditional classics Other options that have stood the test of time over the years you could also consider are William and Benjamin. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement

  4. Apr 08, 2022 · Booker – is an old timey English occupational boy name meaning ‘scribe’ Bradley Bradley – comes from Old English and is a place name meaning ‘broad clearing’ Brett Brett – this Celtic name (possible French roots as well) means ‘from Britain’ Bruce Bruce – this English boy name means ‘thick brush’ Bruno

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