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  1. Was the studded leather armour used in D&D ever used in real ...

    Dec 02, 2019 · No. Studded leather armour and ringmail are imaginary stuff. They never existed in the real life. The reason is simple: why on earth strike mere studs on a leather jacket when you can rivet plates inside the jacket?

  2. : G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards : Sports & Outdoors

    G-Form Pro-S shin guards are a revolution in protective soccer gear. Constructed with G-Form's very own Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), the PRO S shin guards provide a world class combination of impact protection, comfort and performance, all while remaining lighter, more flexible and user friendly. Sold in pairs.

  3. Site Map - Armor Venue

    Black Ice Armour Package 1 ... Brass Eagle Stud - Set of 5 Brass Face Chainmail Coif ... Splint Armor Bracers Splinted Greaves - 16 Gauge

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    The Kit Monster Promise. We aim to dispatch your order the same day it is received, and keep you informed of your order status*. All purchases come with a no quibble, 14 days returns policy.


    (7) Covers added to structures. Note also lower shoulder armour - 2 pieces glued together then wired to main armour. (8) How lower shoulder armour is wired to main armour in more detail. One of two foam pads to raise armour can also be seen. (9) Pencil outline for eagle wing leading edge to get dimensions as accurate as possible.

  7. Under Armour Compendium - SlideShare

    Mar 15, 2011 · It was determinedsoldiers were said to use leather straps between their teeth that a splint and special mouthguard would be made: theto improve their prowess in battle. Native American wom- patient wore the splint continuously and used the mouth-en would bite on sticks during childbirth to ease delivery. guard during practice.

  8. The Early History of Veterinary Literature and its British ...

    His work, How to Manage a Stud of Good and Noble War Horses, was published in 1578.1 It is devoted almost exclusively to non-veterinary matters, excepting hygiene, though he refers to the Byzantine Hippiatrika, Ruffus, Rusius, and contem. poraries, such as Columbre, Ferraro, Fiaschi, and Caracciolp.

  9. Comitatus

    Comitatus is Britain's leading Late Roman re-enactment group helping to set a new standard in historical authenticity. Putting on events across the North and down into the Midlands, the group is able to bring to an event a complete living history presentation demonstrating the life and skills of the Late Roman army, including infantry, cavalry, archery, artillery and everyday life.

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