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  1. What to do in Stuttgart, Germany after Oktoberfest — The ... › blog › what-to-do-in

    Birkenkopf, known as rubble hill in Stuttgart is a hill piled with the ruins from when over 45% of the city of Stuttgart was flattened during WWII. It is also a beautiful walk up to the top. Kürbisausstellung Ludwigsburg-Pumpkin Fest

  2. Visiting Stuttgart's Birkenkopf Memorial (Rubble Hill ... › 2019/11/04 › a-visit-to

    Nov 04, 2019 · The Birkenkopf in Stuttgart, Germany is part of an artificial hill built from the ruins and rubble from World War II. Alongside the stunning views, comes a very solemn remembrance of what was. During the war, over 50 Allied bombing missions destroyed 45% of Stuttgart and nearly the entire city center.

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    Stuttgart is famous for the Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart's version of the Munich Oktoberfest, which takes place on the main square. In the autumn, the people of Stuttgart refer to the festival simply as "Wasen". A spring festival is held here in April. Football plays a central role in Stuttgart.

  4. 28 Unique Things To Do in Stuttgart, Germany [2021 ... › expat-germany-things-to

    I called Stuttgart home for six years and know the ins and outs of this city. This article provides 28 of the best things to see and do in this city. Whether you just moved here or just have a few days to explore, these ideas offer plenty of options to keep you busy. 1. Visit Schlossplatz 2. Walk Konigstrasse 3. Explore Birkenkopf...

  5. The Price of War - Stuttgart's Birkenkopf › 2014 › 09

    The Birkenkopf grew nearly 40 meters in height after World War II when the rubble from Stuttgart was carted to the top of the hill. Allied bombers destroyed 45% of the city (including almost all the city center), necessitating reconstruction after the war.

  6. A bicycle trip to the Birkenkopf | ivyINK › 2010/06/28 › a-bicycle

    Jun 28, 2010 · In this case, Mt. Trashmore was actually, the Birkenkopf, which is indeed a 511 meter hill within Stuttgart and consists of trash or rubble from World War II bombing missions. Also known as Monte Scherbelino or Mt. Shards, a plaque is at the top that translates: This mountain was built after the Second World War from the rubble of the town to ...

  7. 17 UNIQUE Things to Do in Stuttgart [in 2021] › things-to-do-in

    Apr 14, 2021 · With many things to do in Stuttgart, the city is known for its love for the arts, cultural openness, dozens of music festivals and classic German love of beer! Transportation options are rife throughout the city which makes getting around effortless! Hauptbahnhof (the name of the main train station) is a five-minute walk from the Schlossplatz.

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    Here in Stuttgart, where I live, we have our own, not-at-all-modest Volksfest, which – as best as I can now tell – is exactly the same thing as Oktoberfest and only slightly smaller. Some Fest background. For those unacquainted with Munich’s Oktoberfest, it is arguably the biggest party in the world each year.

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    Of course, Stuttgart has a major airport, so international - even around Europe - travel is relatively easy. Both German Wings and Ryan Air fly into and out of Stuttgart. Being in Southern Germany means that Bavaria, and by extension Austria is not too far away either. So, you have the Alps, Munich - Oktoberfest! - just another short drive away.

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