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  2. Wide Sargasso Sea: Plot Overview | SparkNotes

    Wide Sargasso Sea Antoinette's story begins when she is a young girl in early nineteenth- century Jamaica. The white daughter of ex-slave owners, she lives on a run-down plantation called Coulibri Estate.

  3. Wide Sargasso Sea Summary | GradeSaver

    Wide Sargasso Sea Summary. Wide Sargasso Sea begins in Jamaica after the Emancipation Act of 1833, under which Britain outlawed slavery in all its colonies. The first part of the novella is told from the point-of-view of Antoinette Cosway, a young white girl whose father, a hated former slaveholder, has died and left his wife and children in poverty.

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      The Wide Sargasso Sea is in the public domain.
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      Fire serves as a symbol of rebellion in the novel, Wide Sargasso Sea . The fire at Coulibri is caused by an act of retribution.... it is an act of...
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      From this quote, we learn that Rochester's marriage to Antoinette was a business proposition. He married her in order to receive the thirty thousan...
  4. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys Plot Summary | LitCharts

    Wide Sargasso Sea Summary. Antoinette Cosway, a creole, or Caribbean person of European descent, recounts her memories of growing up at her family’s estate, Coulibri, in Jamaica in the 1830‘s. Her family, consisting of her mother, Annette, and her mentally disabled younger brother, Pierre, are destitute and isolated after her father’s death and the passage of the Emancipation Act of 1833, which freed Jamaica’s slaves.

  5. Wide Sargasso Sea Summary and Study Guide | SuperSummary

    Plot Summary Wide Sargasso Sea is divided into three parts. Part One takes place in Jamaica during the 1830s shortly after Great Britain passed the Emancipation Act and ended slavery in its West Indian colonies. Antoinette Cosway, the protagonist, narrates this section and chronicles her early life on her family’s Coulibri Estate.

  6. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys: Summary, Analysis ...

    Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys: Summary, Analysis & Characters Introduction to Wide Sargasso Sea. Most famous for her novel, Wide Sargasso Sea, a postcolonial novel that serves as a... Characters in Wide Sargasso Sea. There are a lot of characters in Wide Sargasso Sea. The most important figures ...

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  7. Wide Sargasso Sea (1993) - Plot Summary - IMDb

    Summaries A young female landowner in 1840s Jamaica marries a just-arrived Englishman to avoid losing her property. All seems to be perfect, love arises, and happiness is on the way, but she is hiding an old secret regarding her childhood and her mother.

  8. Wide Sargasso Sea: Study Guide | SparkNotes

    Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel by Jean Rhys that was first published in 1966. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis.

  9. Wide Sargasso Sea Summary | Shmoop

    Wide Sargasso Sea Summary. As Part I opens, Antoinette Cosway is a young girl living with her mother and brother at Coulibri, her family's estate near Spanish Town, Jamaica. With the passage of the Emancipation Act and the death of her father, the family is financially ruined. Moreover, they are ostracized by both the black and white communities on the island.

  10. Wide Sargasso Sea Study Guide | Literature Guide | LitCharts

    Wide Sargasso Sea, which takes place in colonized Jamaica and deals with problems of identity and inequality that arose as a result of French and British colonization in the Caribbean, was completed and published during an era of widespread decolonization.

  11. Wide Sargasso Sea - Wikipedia

    Wide Sargasso Sea is a 1966 novel by Dominica-born British author Jean Rhys. It is a feminist and anti-colonial response to Charlotte Brontë 's novel Jane Eyre (1847), describing the background to Mr. Rochester's marriage from the point-of-view of his mad wife Antoinette Cosway , a Creole heiress.