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  1. Literature Help: Novels: Plot Overview 538: Wide Sargasso Sea

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  2. WIDE SARGASSO SEA by Jean Rhys Read by Jill Masters ... › reviews › read

    Jean Rhys gives form and substance to the mysterious madwoman of Jane Eyre. This imaginary story constructs Antoinette Bertha Cosway's early years in Jamaica in the 1830's. Jill Masters's West Indies dialect is excellent. It is a bright relief from her dour elecution of instruction on how to handle ...

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  4. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys | Postcolonialism | Caribbean WritersThis is a brief introduction to the plot, setting, themes, and main characters of Jean Rh...

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  5. Wide Sargasso Sea: Plot Overview | SparkNotes › lit › sargasso

    Wide Sargasso Sea Antoinette's story begins when she is a young girl in early nineteenth- century Jamaica. The white daughter of ex-slave owners, she lives on a run-down plantation called Coulibri Estate.

  6. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys Plot Summary | LitCharts › lit › wide-sargasso-sea

    Antoinette Cosway, a creole, or Caribbean person of European descent, recounts her memories of growing up at her family’s estate, Coulibri, in Jamaica in the 1830‘s.. Her family, consisting of her mother, Annette, and her mentally disabled younger brother, Pierre, are destitute and isolated after her father’s death and the passage of the Emancipation Act of 1833, which freed Jamaica’s slav

  7. Help Me Find a Wide Sargasso Sea : audiobooks › help_me_find_a_wide_sargasso_sea

    I'm starting to think this book doesn't actually exist. I own a physical copy, but I need an audiobook for my own understanding and sanity. I'm begging anyone to help me track down this one book, and have that not be to libraries in Australia (which is where google points me). Help me reddit, you're my only hope. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.

  8. Wide Sargasso Sea Study Guide | Literature Guide | LitCharts › lit › wide-sargasso-sea

    Wide Sargasso Sea, which takes place in colonized Jamaica and deals with problems of identity and inequality that arose as a result of French and British colonization in the Caribbean, was completed and published during an era of widespread decolonization.

  9. Part one, section 1 » Wide Sargasso Sea Study Guide from ... › textguide › Wide-Sargasso-Sea

    Wide Sargasso Sea pages 5 - 6: The advent of trouble … The brevity of mortal life Synopsis of part one, section 1 Antoinette, her disabled little brother Pierre and her young widowed mother live on their dilapidated sugar estate, Coulibri in Jamaica, at some time in the 1830s.

  10. Where can I get the audiobook 'Wide Sargasso Sea' by Jean ... › Where-can-I-get-the-audiobook-Wide

    The writing style is, of course, different from Jane Eyre. The representations of the Caribbean are beautiful. \\””::Wide::Sargasso::Sea::by::Jean::Rhys ...

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