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    • 5' 10"5' 10"
  2. › wiki › Sun_HongleiSun Honglei - Wikipedia

    In 2011, Sun starred in the historical film The Warring States as military strategist Sun Bin. In 2015, Sun starred in the youth film The Ark of Mr. Chow directed by Xiao Yang. Personal life. On 1 October 2014, Sun announced he and Wang Jundi (王骏迪) are tying the knot and the wedding was held in Paris. Their daughter was born on 16 ...

  3. › wiki › Chen_JianbinChen Jianbin - Wikipedia

    Chen Jianbin (born June 27, 1970) is a Chinese actor active in television and film. He is most notable for the portrayal of Cao Cao in the 2010 television series Three Kingdoms; as well as his performance in Decade of Marriage, Qiao's Grand Courtyard and Empresses in the Palace.

  4. Yu research group. Address: 207C WARF. Xin Yu. org Phone: (901) 595-7311 Albert Yu is the CEO Asia for BMO Financial Group, a diversified global financial services conglomerate, consisting of the Bank of Montreal and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

  5. Yiwan Huang, Daniel R. King, Wei Cui, Tao Lin Sun, Honglei Guo, Takayuki Kurokawa, Hugh R. Brown, Chung-Yuen Hui, Jian Ping Gong, "Superior Fracture Resistance of Fiber Reinforced Polyampholyte Hydrogels Achieved by Extraordinarily Large Energy-dissipative Process Zones," Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7(22), 13431-13440 (2019).

  6. Sep 12, 2021 · A Ti 3 C 2 T x /polypyrrole nylon strain sensor is reported. To more easily monitor human activities, this sensor is fabricated using a facile one-step polymerization. The nylon substrate and two conductive materials endow the sensor with excellent stretchability (50%), low resistance (80 Ω cm −1), fast response (40 ms), and recovery (70 ms), a wide sensing range (0–50%), and long-term ...

  7. 危岩 博士教授清华前沿高分子研究中心主任技术职称:教授 博士生导师通讯地址:清华大学 化学系 何添楼405室 中国 北京 100084办公电话:010-62772674 传真 教...

  8. 124. Qiyou Wang, Yan Zhang, Wenpeng Ni, Yi Zhang, Tian Sun, Jiaheng Zhang, Junfei Duan, Yang Gao, Shiguo Zhang*, Free-standing phosphorous-doped molybdenum nitride in 3D carbon nanosheet towards hydrogen evolution at all pH values, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2020, 50, 44-51. 123.

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