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  1. The Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival organized by the Sundance Institute. It is the largest independent film festival in the United States, with more than 46,660 attending in 2016. It takes place each January in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Resort, and acts as a showcase for new work from American and international independent filmmakers. The festival consists of competitive sections for American and international dramatic and documentary films, both feat

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      Sundance began in Salt Lake City in August 1978 as the...

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      UK-based publisher C21 Media first revealed in October 2010...

    • Notability

      Many notable independent filmmakers received their big break...

  2. The 2021 Sundance Film Festival took place from January 28 to February 3, 2021. The first lineup of competition films was announced on December 15, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival combined in-person screenings at the Ray Theatre in Park City, Utah with screenings held online as well as on screens and drive-ins in 24 states and territories across the United States.

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    [hide] 1. 1 History 1.1. 1.1 Utah/US Film Festival 1.2. 1.2 Change to Sundance 1.3. 1.3 Sundance London 1.4. 1.4 Sundance at BAM 1.5. 1.5 Notability of festivals 1.6. 1.6 Growth of the festival 1.7. 1.7 Directors 2. 2 In popular culture 3. 3 See also 4. 4 References 4.1. 4.1 Further reading 5. 5 External links 5.1. 5.1 Main sites 5.2. 5.2 Lineup info

    Utah/US Film Festival

    Sundance began in Salt Lake City in August 1978, as the Utah/US Film Festival in an effort to attract more filmmakers to Utah. It was founded by Sterling Van Wagenen (then head of Wildwood, Robert Redford's company), John Earle, and Cirina Hampton Catania (both serving on the Utah Film Commission at the time). The 1978 festival featured films such as Deliverance, A Streetcar Named Desire, Midnight Cowboy, Mean Streets, and The Sweet Smell of Success.With chairman Robert Redford, and the help...

    Change to Sundance

    In 1984, the now well-established Sundance Institute, headed by Sterling Van Wagenen, took over management of the US Film Festival. Gary Beer and Van Wagenen spearheaded production of the inaugural US Film Festival presented by Sundance Institute (1985), which included Program Director Tony Safford and Administrative Director Jenny Walz Selby. The branding and marketing transition from the US Film Festival to the Sundance Film Festival was managed under the direction of Colleen Allen, Allen A...

    Sundance London

    UK-based publisher C21 Media first revealed in October 2010 that Robert Redford was planning to bring the Sundance Film Festival to London,and in March the following year, Redford officially announced that Sundance London would be held at The O2, in London from April 26–29, 2012; the first time it has traveled outside the US. In a press statement, Redford said, "We are excited to partner with AEG Europe to bring a particular slice of American culture to life in the inspired setting of The O2,...

    In August 1998, the animated television series South Parkepisode "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" depicts the directors of the Sundance Festival moving it to a "different small mountain town," that of the show's main setting South Park, in order to "drain it and morph it into a new LA." In the television series Entourage, one of the independent movies that Vincent Chase stars in (Queens Boulevard) premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, where it begins to gain in popularity. In the animated television series The Simpsons"Any Given Sundance" episode, Lisa Simpson enters a documentary about her family into the Sundance Film Festival. In Season 7, Episode 22 of One Tree Hill, Julian Baker takes his film Seven Dreams Till Tuesdayto the festival. Referenced in Season 3: Episode 12 of Gilmore Girls when Paris Geller tells Rory Gilmore to "save her act for Sundance."

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  4. The Sundance Film Festival is an American movie festival that takes place every year in Utah. It is one of the largest independent movie festivals in the United States. The festival is held in January in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and at the Sundance Resort.

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    The 2019 Sundance Film Festival took place from January 24 to February 3, 2019. The first lineup of competition films was announced on November 28, 2018.

    The winner of the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Award was Clemency, directed by Chinonye Chukwu. The winner of the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Documentary Award was One Child Nation, directed by Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang. The winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic was The Souvenir, directed by Joanna Hogg. The winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary was Honeyland, directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. The winner of the World Cinema Dramatic Special Ju

    Jury members, for each program of the festival, including the Alfred P. Sloan Jury were announced on January 17, 2019. U.S. Documentary Jury

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    The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced by some Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in Canada, primarily those of the Plains cultures. It usually involves the community gathering together to pray for healing. Individuals make personal sacrifices on behalf of the community. After European colonization of the Americas, and with the formation of the Canadian and United States governments, both countries passed laws intended to suppress Indigenous cultures and force assimilation to majority-Europe

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