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    Sunrise (or sunup) is the moment when the upper rim of the Sun appears on the horizon in the morning. [1] The term can also refer to the entire process of the solar disk crossing the horizon and its accompanying atmospheric effects. [2] Contents 1 Terminology 2 Measurement 2.1 Angle with respect to horizon 2.2 Time of day

  2. Jan 29, 2023 · Sunrise, Sunset Times Today. • Today's date: Sun, January 29, 2023. • Time in Greenwich now: 03:08 am. ☼ Sunrise time: 07:44 am (4h 20m 18s) ☀ Sunset time: 04:43 pm (13h 19m 24s) 🕒 Length of day: 08h 59m. Sunrise, Sunset Times Tomorrow. Sunrise, Sunset Times 2023. 07:44 am.

  3. Sunrise/Sunset Tables Times are listed in Central Standard. Add one hour for daylight time, when in use. For locations not listed here, see the U.S. Naval Observatory. Additional Sunrise/Sunset information is available at the Global Monitoring Laboratory.

  4. 8 hours ago · Furthermore, “unexpectedly, the paper revealed that sunrise and sunset could also trigger significant boosts in people’s feelings of awe,” a press release about the study notes. In other words, such moments are good for us: this awe has the ability to improve our mood and emotions, which help our overall well-being.

  5. For users with other devices, we have a mobile page that can retrieve your current position if your device has GPS, and displays two days of sunrise, sunset and twilight times for that location. also offers a freeware product for Windows computers, Sunrise Sunset Calculator. It is an application for the “Notification Area ...

  6. noun. sun· rise ˈsən-ˌrīz. Synonyms of sunrise. 1. : the apparent rising of the sun above the horizon. also : the accompanying atmospheric effects. 2. : the time when the upper limb of the sun appears above the horizon as a result of the diurnal rotation of the earth.

  7. Select a Connecticut, USA city, town or POI to make your free printable Sunrise Sunset Calendar. You can also create a calendar for your own location by entering the latitude, longitude, and time zone information.