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  1. Elena Kagan, New York, USA

    Elena Kagan, New York, USA

    Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States since 2010

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    Elena Kagan (/ ˈ k eɪ ɡ ə n / KAY-guhn; born April 28, 1960) is an American lawyer who serves as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was appointed in 2010 by President Barack Obama and is the fourth woman to serve on the Court.

  2. Apr 2, 2014 · Elena Kagan is a Supreme Court justice and the first woman to serve as solicitor general of the United States of America.

  3. May 9, 2024 · Elena Kagan (born April 28, 1960, New York, New York, U.S.) associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 2010. She also was the first woman to serve as U.S. solicitor general (2009–10).

  4. Sep 3, 2021 · The first female Solicitor General of the United States and now an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan is a prominent legal scholar and jurist who has advocated for justice and equality since childhood.

  5. The Eighth Amendment forbids a sentencing scheme that mandates life in prison without possibility of parole for juvenile homicide offenders. Read about how U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan got to the Court, including her education, career, and confirmation process.

  6. Biographical Data. Birth, Residence, and Family. Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court was born in New York, New York, on April 28, 1960. Education. She received an A.B., summa cum laude, in 1981 from Princeton University.

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  8. A profile of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, including personal background, plus nomination and confirmation dates. The Roberts Court.

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