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  1. Suspended sentence definition is - a legal arrangement in which a person who has been found guilty of a crime is not sentenced to jail but may be sentenced for that crime at a future time if he or she commits another crime during a specified period.

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    When a judge suspends the imposition of a sentence, they have essentially declined to hand down a sentence, but reserved the right to do it later. Most criminal courts have the inherent power to suspend a sentence prior to its imposition as long as the suspension is for a specific amount of time and that period of time is reasonable. Not all jurisdictions recognize the inherent powerof a court to suspend a sentence, however. In these jurisdictions, there must be a law specifically authorizing suspended sentences before a judge can do it. Judges may also lack the ability to suspend a sentence before its imposition if a mandatory sentencing law applies to the criminal act in question. In these situations, the judge must impose the sentence required by statute. Finally, a court that has suspended the imposition of a sentence can revoke the suspension and impose any sentence that was available to it at the time of conviction. This is usually the case in conditional suspended sentences w...

    In addition to declining to impose a sentence, judges can suspend sentences before they go into effect. This means that, although a sentence is in place, the defendant doesn't have to serve it immediately, if at all. As in the case of sentences suspended before the imposition, most criminal courts enjoy the inherent powerto suspend sentences prior to their execution. However, not every jurisdiction recognizes a courts inherent authority to do this. Sometimes there has to be a law on the books that allows judges to suspend execution of a sentence. Some jurisdictions also require judges to suspend sentences immediately after they are handed down. For instance, mandatory sentencingprovisions also restrict the ability of judges to suspend the execution of a sentence just as they restrict a judges power to suspend the imposition of a sentence. If the suspended sentence is conditional, the judge can revoke the suspension if the defendant violates any of the conditions. At that point, the...

    Suspended sentences in criminal law vary depending on the nature and of the suspended sentence and the court executing the sentence. If you need help with these matters, you should get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorneyto better understand your situation.

  2. suspended sentence. n. in criminal law, a penalty applied by a judge to a defendant convicted of a crime, which the judge provides will not be enforced (is suspended) if the defendant performs certain services, makes restitution to persons harmed, stays out of trouble, or meets other conditions.

  3. A suspended sentence is the judicial delay of a defendant's duty to start serving a sentence once he or she has been convicted or found guilty, so that the defendant is able to perform an intervening probation period. So long as the criminal defendant does not break the law an additional time during the probationary period and is able to meet ...

  4. A suspended sentence is a sentence on conviction for a criminal offence, the serving of which the court orders to be deferred in order to allow the defendant to perform a period of probation. If the defendant does not break the law during that period, and fulfills the particular conditions of the probation, the judge usually dismisses the sentence.

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