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  1. Swallow Ending Explained: What Happened To Hunter | Screen Rant › swallow-movie-ending-hunter-fate

    Swallow Ending Explained: What Happened To Hunter Swallow, a jarring film centered around a woman with a rare psychological disorder, is a fascinating venture into physical and mental control. By Elizabeth Lerman Published May 07, 2020

  2. Swallow Movie Explained: What Is The Movie About ... - This ... › film › swallow-movie-explained

    The ending of the movie Swallow shows us that Hunter has emerged out of her cocoon as an entirely different individual. She decides that she is not going to do what her mother did and terminates her pregnancy. Adorning a new look, and perspective, she ventures out into her new life with a newfound sense of confidence and direction.

  3. SWALLOW (2020) Ending Explained. Future High Off Life Album Review and Reaction 1. "Trapped in the Sun" 2.

  4. Swallow (2019) - IMDb › title › tt8372298

    Directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis. With Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O'Hare, Elizabeth Marvel. Hunter, a newly pregnant housewife, finds herself increasingly compelled to consume dangerous objects.

  5. 'Swallow' Is the Upsetting, Gorgeous Horror Movie You Need to ... › nation › swallow-movie-review

    Bennett and Mirabella-Davis are cautious about talking about the ending -- they don't want it spoiled for audiences -- but Bennett says, "The ending is something that has rarely been approached."...

  6. Swallow (2019) - Swallow (2019) - User Reviews - IMDb › title › tt8372298

    But to see "Swallow" as simply a movie about control is to miss its focus, which is on the lengths people will go to for a measure of independence and autonomy. From swallowing various objects to a decision Hunter makes near the end of the film, particularly juxtaposed against her dark back story, "Swallow" is about reclaiming choice.

  7. 'Swallow' Review: A Me Too Parable in the Guise of Body Horror › film › review-swallow-is-a

    And the film’s climax, in which Hunter tracks down a man from her past, Erwin (Denis O’Hare), is equally heartbreaking, exposing Hunter’s swallowing for what it truly is: an attempt at annihilation as atonement, as well as a self-defiling as paradoxical affirmation of control. Hunter resists her status as an accessory by swallowing others.

  8. Official Discussion - Swallow [SPOILERS] : movies › r › movies

    However, after watching Swallow, my mind kept going back to "Silence of the Lambs". The director does not say that this is explicitly their intent, but the more I considered it, the more I liked the thought. For me, it kind of ties the move together into a circular narrative with the opening and ending of Swallow having a lot of parallels.

  9. Movie Review: 'Swallow' (2020) Is A Powerful Film - PopHorror › movie-review-swallow-2020-is-a

    The final act of the film is tense as hell and the ending made me think about my views on things and how I might be wrong and that is the sign of a power film. Swallow is just that: Powerful. Final Thoughts

  10. Swallow Movie Review - Common Sense Media › movie-reviews › swallow

    The plot does build to a climax as the walls start closing in on Hunter and she must find her own version of freedom. But the ending seems somewhat tacked on, and the revelations and attempt to tie them into the ongoing psychology feel a little forced.

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