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  1. Sweyn III of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Sweyn III of Denmark. Sweyn III Grathe ( Danish: Svend III Grathe) ( c. 1125 – 23 October 1157) was the King of Denmark between 1146 and 1157, in shifting alliances with Canute V and his own cousin Valdemar I. In 1157, the three agreed a tripartition of Denmark.

  2. Sweyn II of Denmark - Wikipedia

    King Sweyn died at the royal estate Søderup, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of Åbenrå at the Little Belt strait. The Danish chronicles inaccurately date his death to 1074, but it is known that he received and answered letters in 1075 and died in 1076.

  3. Sweyn Forkbeard - Wikipedia

    Sweyn's daughter, Estrid Svendsdatter, was the mother of King Sweyn II of Denmark. Her descendants continue to reign in Denmark to this day. One of them, Margaret of Denmark , married James III of Scotland in 1469, introducing Sweyn's bloodline into the Scottish royal house.

    • 986 – 3 February 1014
    • Gunhild or Tove
  4. Sweyn III of Denmark, king of Denmark (b. c. 1125) Events. June 11 Albert I of Brandenburg, also called, The Bear (Ger: Albrecht der Bär), became the founder of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Germany and the first Margrave; 23 October—Battle of Grathe Heath. A civil war in Denmark ended with the death of king Sweyn III.

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  6. Sweyn I of Denmark - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Sweyn briefly became King of England until he died 40 days later on 3 February 1014 after being hurt in a fall from his horse. References [ change | change source ] ↑ Den Store Danske Encyklopædi identifies the consort of Sweyn I as Gunhild, and considers the Sigrid the Haughty of the sagas to be based on her, but predominantly a work of "complete fiction".

    • 986-3 February 1014 (Denmark), 999- 2 February 1014 (Norway), 1013-3 February 1014 (England)
    • Roskilde Cathedral
  7. 1157 - Wikipedia

    August 21 – Sancho III and Ferdinand II, the sons of King Alfonso VII of Castile, divide his kingdom between them upon his death. October 23 – Battle of Grathe Heath: A civil war in Denmark ends with the death of King Sweyn III. Valdemar I of Denmark becomes king of all Denmark, and restores and rebuilds the country.

  8. 1070s in England - Wikipedia

    Spring – King Sweyn II of Denmark joins English rebels, led by Hereward the Wake, and captures the Isle of Ely in The Fens of eastern England. 11 April – Archbishop of Canterbury Stigand deposed. 1 June – Hereward plunders Peterborough Abbey. June – Denmark signs a treaty with England; Sweyn and his forces leave the country.

  9. Frederick I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Christian III, King of Denmark and Norway (12 August 1503 – 1 January 1559) Dorothea of Denmark (1 August 1504 – 11 April 1547), [11] married 1 July 1526 to Albert, Duke of Prussia . Frederick's wife Anna died on 5 May 1514, 26 years old.

  10. October 23 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    425 – Valentinian III becomes Roman Emperor, at the age of 6. 1086 - Battle of az-Zallaqah: The army of Yusuf ibn Tashfa defeats forces of King Alfonso VI of Castile. 1157 - The Battle of Grathe-Heath ends the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III is killed and Valdemar I of Denmark takes over.

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