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  1. Sweyn Forkbeard - Wikipedia

    Sweyn's daughter, Estrid Svendsdatter, was the mother of King Sweyn II of Denmark. Her descendants continue to reign in Denmark to this day. One of them, Margaret of Denmark , married James III of Scotland in 1469, introducing Sweyn's bloodline into the Scottish royal house.

    • 986 – 3 February 1014
    • Gunhild or Tove
  2. Family tree of Danish monarchs - Wikipedia

    Canute III King of Denmark c.1018–1042 r.1035-1042: Gunhilda of Denmark c.1020–1038: Henry III Holy Roman Emperor 1017–1056 r.1046–1056: Sweyn II Estridsson King of Denmark c.1019– 1074/1076 r.1047– 1074/1076: Beorn Estrithson d.1049: House of Estridsen

  3. Monarchy of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The monarchs of Denmark have a long history of royal and noble titles. Historically Danish monarchs also used the titles 'King of the Wends' and 'King of the Goths'. Upon her accession to the throne in 1972 Queen Margrethe II abandoned all titles except the title 'Queen of Denmark'.

  4. List of Danish monarchs - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Danish monarchs, that is, the kings and queens regnant of Denmark. This includes: The Kingdom of Denmark (up to 1397) Personal union of Denmark and Norway (1380–1397) The Kalmar Union (1397–1536) Union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (1397–1523) Union of Denmark and Norway (1523–1536) The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway (1536 ...

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  6. List of Danish consorts - Wikipedia

    This list of Danish consorts includes each queen consort (wife of a reigning king) and each prince consort (husband of a reigning queen). Due to unions (personal and real), the queens of 1380–1814 (effectively from 1406) were also queens of Norway, and the queens of 1389–1521 (effectively from 1406) were also (though with interruptions) queens of Sweden

  7. List of monarchs by nickname - Wikipedia

    This is a list of monarchs (and other royalty and nobility) sorted by nickname.This list is divided into two parts: Cognomens: Also called cognomina.These are names which are appended before or after the person's name, like the epitheton necessarium, or Roman victory titles.

  8. Emma of Normandy - Wikipedia

    Emma of Normandy (Referred to as Ælfgifu in royal documents; c. 984 – 6 March 1052) was queen of England, Denmark and Norway through her marriages to Æthelred the Unready (1002–1016) and Cnut the Great (1017–1035). She was the daughter of Duke Richard I of Normandy and Gunnor.

  9. Genealogy of the British Royal Family | Familypedia | Fandom

    The recorded genealogy of the British Royal Family traces back to the early Middle Ages.Although there is no strict legal or formal definition of who is or is not a member of the Royal Family, and different lists will include different people, those carrying the style His or Her Majesty (HM) or His or Her Royal Highness (HRH) are generally considered members.

  10. List of English royal consorts - Wikipedia

    The English royal consorts were the spouses of the reigning monarchs of the Kingdom of England who were not themselves monarchs of England: spouses of some English monarchs who were themselves English monarchs are not listed, comprising Mary I and Philip who reigned together in the 16th century, and William III and Mary II who reigned together in the 17th century.

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