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    What are interesting facts about the Sydney Opera House?

    How and why was the Sydney Opera House built?

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  2. History - Sydney Opera House

    Built to “help mould a better and more enlightened community,” in the words of New South Wales Premier Joseph Cahill in 1954, the Sydney Opera House has been home to many of the world’s greatest artists and performances, and a meeting place for matters of local and international significance since opening in 1973.

  3. Sydney Opera House - Wikipedia

    The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre at Sydney Harbour located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the 20th century's most famous and distinctive buildings. It is one of the 20th century's most famous and distinctive buildings.

    • 20 October 1973; 47 years ago
    • Jørn Utzon
    • Sydney Opera House A Bit of Lost History
    • 1973: Sydney Opera House: a brief history of its design and construction
    • Sydney Opera House - Documentary
    • Sydney Australia, Sydney Opera House History
  4. Our Story - Sydney Opera House

    House History Synonymous with inspiration and imagination, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognisable buildings of the twentieth century. Meet the visionaries, idealists, architects, engineers, pragmatists and artists who built an artwork and filled it with works of art.

  5. Sydney Opera House | building, Sydney, New South Wales ...

    Sydney Opera House, opera house located on Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), New South Wales, Australia. Its unique use of a series of gleaming white sail-shaped shells as its roof structure makes it one of the most-photographed buildings in the world. The Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

  6. Interesting facts about Sydney Opera House
    • Sydney Opera House sits on Bennelong Point. Bennelong Point was named after Woollarawarre Bennelong, a senior Eora man at the time of the arrival of British colonisers in Australia in 1788.
    • The original cost estimate to build Sydney Opera House was $7 million. The final cost was $102 million and it was largely paid for by a State Lottery.
    • 233 designs were submitted for the Opera House international design competition held in 1956. Jørn Utzon from Denmark was announced the winner, receiving ₤5000 for his design.
    • Construction was expected to take four years. It took 14 years. Work commenced in 1959 and involved 10,000 construction workers.
  7. The Sydney Opera House: history and interesting facts - We ...

    The history of the Sydney Opera House In 1954, Joseph Cahill, who had just been elected premier of New South Wales, announced: “This State cannot go forward without adequate facilities for the expression of talent and the staging of the highest forms of artistic entertainment, which add grace and charm to life and help develop and shape a ...

  8. Sydney Opera House - An Architectural Biography

    Jul 04, 2018 · Sydney Opera House Under Construction in August 1966.

  9. Sydney Opera House opens - HISTORY

    Jul 27, 2019 · Sydney Opera House opens After 15 years of construction, the Sydney Opera House is dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II. The $80 million structure, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and funded by...

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