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  1. Robert Redford - Wikipedia;

    Sydney Pollack's Out of Africa (1985), with Redford in the male lead role opposite Meryl Streep, became a large box office success (combined 1985 and 1986 grossess placed it at No. 5 for 1986), won a Golden Globe for Best Picture, and won seven Oscars, including Best Picture. Streep was nominated for Best Actress but Redford did not receive a ...

    • Actor, director, producer
    • Charles Robert Redford Jr., August 18, 1936 (age 84), Santa Monica, California, U.S.
  2. Random Hearts - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Random Hearts is a 1999 American romantic drama film directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas.Based on the 1984 novel of the same name by Warren Adler, the film is about a police officer and a Congresswoman who discover that their spouses were having an affair prior to being killed in an air disaster.

    • $64 million
    • October 8, 1999
    • Martin Jurow, Marykay Powell
    • Dave Grusin
  3. Nicole Kidman - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · In 2005, Kidman appeared opposite Sean Penn in the Sydney Pollack thriller The Interpreter, playing UN translator Silvia Broome, and with Will Ferrell in the romantic comedy Bewitched, based on the 1960s TV sitcom of the same name. While neither film fared well in the United States, both were international successes.

    • Actress, producer
    • Nicole Mary Kidman, 20 June 1967 (age 53), Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
  4. Robert Redford's son, James, dies of liver cancer at 58 - AOL ...

    3 days ago · LOS ANGELES (AP) — James Redford, a filmmaker, activist and son of actor Robert Redford, has died. He was 58. Robert Redford’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said in a statement Monday that the 84 ...

  5. Yakuza - Wikipedia

    Etymology. The name yakuza originates from the traditional Japanese card game Oicho-Kabu, a game in which the goal is to draw three cards adding up to a score of 9.If the sum of the cards exceeds 10, its second digit is used as the score instead, and if the sum is exactly 10, the score is 0.

    • Varied, including illegitimate businesses, an array of criminal and non-criminal activities.
    • 17th century, (presumed to have originated from the Kabukimono)
  6. 杜絲先生 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书窈窕淑男

    Sydney Pollack: 监制: Charles Evans Sydney Pollack Dick Richards Ronald L. Schwary: 故事: Don McGuire Larry Gelbart: 主演: Dustin Hoffman Jessica Lange Teri Garr Dabney Coleman Charles Durning: 配乐: Dave Grusin: 摄影: Owen Roizman: 剪辑: Fredric Steinkamp William Steinkamp: 片长: 116 分鐘: 产地: 美國: 语言: 英語: 上映 ...

  7. Tomas Milian - Wikipedia

    Tomas Milian (born Tomás Quintín Rodriguez-Varona Milian Salinas De La Fé y Alvarez De La Campa; 3 March 1933 – 22 March 2017) was an Italian-Cuban-American actor and singer, known for the emotional intensity and humour he brought to roles in European genre films.

  8. 敵對同謀 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书全面反擊

    Sydney Pollack - Marty Bach,律师事务所的老板,Michael的好友; 奖项 获奖. 第80届奥斯卡金像奖. 最佳女配角 (Tilda Swinton) 英国电影学院奖. 最佳女配角 (Tilda Swinton) 堪萨斯城影评人协会. 最佳女配角 (Tilda Swinton) 温哥华影评人协会. 最佳女配角 (Tilda Swinton) 国家评论协会

  9. Jackson Pollock - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · In 2016, Pollock's painting titled Number 17A was reported to have fetched US$200 million in a private purchase. A reclusive and volatile personality, Pollock struggled with alcoholism for most of his life.

  10. Charles Bronson - Wikipedia

    Oct 16, 2020 · Charles Bronson (born Charles Dennis Buchinsky; November 3, 1921 – August 30, 2003) was an American actor.He was often cast in the role of a police officer, gunfighter, or vigilante in revenge-oriented plot lines, had long-term collaborations with film directors Michael Winner and J. Lee Thompson, and appeared in fifteen films with his second wife, Jill Ireland.