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  1. What Are the Early Flu Symptoms? - Healthline › cold-flu › early-flu-symptoms

    Feb 12, 2020 · The flu virus also causes the above symptoms in children. However, your child may have other symptoms that require medical attention. These can include: not drinking enough fluids; crying with no ...

  2. Flu Symptoms: Diagnosis and Treatment › flu-symptoms

    Jun 02, 2021 · The human influenza virus — aka the flu — is highly contagious and is spread through the respiratory system, nose, and throat. This can lead to classic flu symptoms like a cough, stuffy nose, and sore throat. But many flu-like symptoms can overlap with other conditions like the common cold, allergies, and COVID-19. Here's some helpful tips ...

  3. Boiron Oscillococcinum 30 Doses Homeopathic Medicine for Flu ... › Boiron-Oscillococcinum-Flu-like

    Excellent product if you catch the symptoms early, otherwise, you miss the "window" of opportunity where it will work. At the first signs of sore throat or feeling run down I start taking the product. It does shortens and alleviates all flu symptoms and even works with a cold if, again, you catch it early. I use this for my entire family.

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