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      • "Syriana" was inspired by the book "See No Evil" by former CIA Agent Robert Baer . Bob Baer is the inspriation for George Clooney's character, CIA Agent Bob Barnes, who at one point goes to Beirut and meets with an old acquaintance to talk about a visitor from an oil-rich sheikdom.,talk%20about%20a%20visitor%20from%20an%20oil-rich%20sheikdom.
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    Syriana, based on the book by Robert Baer 9.4 out of 10 Syriana is an outstanding political drama, winner of the Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and a Golden Globe for the same category, for the brilliant George Clooney…the film was also nominated for the Oscar and other trophies, for Best Writing.

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    Based in part on the writings of former CIA case officer Robert Baer, Syriana combines multiple storylines to explore the complexities that befall a proposed merger between two U.S. oil giants.

    • Stephen Gaghan
    • George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright
  3. Ex-CIA Agent Robert Baer, Inspiration for 'Syriana' : NPR

    Dec 06, 2005 · "Syriana" was inspired by the book "See No Evil" by former CIA Agent Robert Baer. Bob Baer is the inspriation for George Clooney's character, CIA Agent Bob Barnes, who at one point goes to Beirut...

  4. See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's ...

    This autobiography, which forms the basis of the film Syriana, starring George Clooney, reads like a fast-paced thriller and is all the more exciting because this is actually real. The story that Robert Baer has to tell is nothing short of mind-blowing and a real eyeopener.

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  5. Desplat, Alexandre - Syriana - Music

    or Six Days of the Condor (the book by James Grady). Syriana, as a movie is in fact a close re-make from just one break-out scene in Three Days of the Condor; picking up from the downstairs meet between Turner (Robert Redford), the "Alsatian gentleman"

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    Syriana 2005 16+ 2h 7m Political Thrillers A story of greed and corruption in the global quest for oil unfolds through the fates of a CIA operative, an energy analyst and other power players. Starring: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright

  7. Syriana (2005) - Plot Summary - IMDb

    Syriana is a thriller of corruption and power related to the oil industry that tells four parallel stories: the CIA agent Bob Barnes with great experience in Middle East that falls in disgrace after an unsuccessful mission dealing missiles in Lebanese Republic; the investigation of the attorney Bennett Holiday related to the merge of two American oil companies, Connex and Killen; the traumatic ...

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    Books. See No Evil, a 2003 book by former CIA case officer Robert Baer; See No Evil (The Hardy Boys), a 1987 Hardy Boys Casefiles novel; See No Evil - The Backstage Battle Over Sex and Violence on Television, by Geoffrey Cowan, 1979

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    For the term's use in international relations, see Pax Syriana. Syriana is a 2005 American geopolitical thriller film written and directed by Stephen Gaghan, and executive produced by George Clooney, who also stars in the film with an ensemble cast. Gaghan's screenplay is loosely adapted from ex CIA operative Robert Baer 's memoir See No Evil.

    • November 20, 2005 (New York City premiere), November 23, 2005 (United States)
    • Jennifer Fox, Michael Nozik, Georgia Kacandes
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    Syriana, Ellicott City, Maryland. 390 likes. We are here to show the beautiful face of Syria