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  1. Syrup Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

    'Syrup' isn't an especially impressive looking film, but the transfer is technically strong. Clarity is relatively good and the movie's standard, glossy style works well with its superficial...

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  2. Movie Review: “Syrup” - Fat Vox

    “Syrup” was released to theaters on June 7, but an earlier OnDemand release was made on May 2. Under the direction of Aram Rappaport, the film is polished and sleek. Unfortunately, the film’s trailer undersells the film, and that may be misleading to some potential viewers.

  3. Syrup (2013) - Movie | Moviefone

    Syrup - Trailer No. 1. ... 'Aquaman' Review: Another Visually-Impressive, but Very Flawed DC Movie. Get Your Free Tickets to Our 'Aquaman' IMAX Screening In Los Angeles

  4. Syrup : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video

    The trailer, appropriately, is a much better piece of marketing than Syrup deserves. There are also trailers for To The Wonder, Kiss of the Damned, Hammer of the Gods, and Shadow Dancer. Final Thoughts: Not as sharp or funny or touching as it wants to be, Syrup is not an absolute failure and makes for a decent time-killer. Rent It.

  5. Syrup Review - Movie News, Gaming News, Blu-Ray News, Music ...

    Jun 07, 2013 · Syrup leaves an extremely bitter taste in the mouth, to be sure, but it’s one that comes from the film’s unjustified narcissism and frenzied incoherence much more than any sort of smartly ...

  6. Syrup (2013) - IMDb

    May 01, 2013 · Though the romantic comedy is relegated to the side, it is still very engaging and fun. There are quite a few thought provoking moments too. "Syrup" is not an ordinary romantic comedy, and I enjoyed it.

  7. As for the has a few decent moments....but overall this was a very light and pretty much forgettable movie. Then you add in a disappointing ending and you get a movie that I will have a very hard time remembering in a few years. Final thought: Not much here to recommend.

  8. Syrup (2013) - Syrup (2013) - User Reviews - IMDb

    The movie does get a little dark at times but that proves it's point all the more. The movie is entertaining and funny but to me this is more of a statement movie. I could also be reading way too much into it though. Overall, a huge surprise of a movie that I highly recommend. I give it an A-.

  9. Syrup | Trailers and reviews |

    Find where to watch Syrup in Australia. Scat is a slacker with a sure-fire get-rich-quick scheme that he's ready to throw upon the world

  10. Take Back Trailer: An Action-Thriller Made During Quarantine

    Nov 11, 2020 · For Take Back, Sesma and his team followed all safety precautions and made their movie.According to producer Mike Hatton, not a single virus test came back positive during the production, proving that movies can continue to be made in 2020 and beyond, as long as everybody plays by the rules and prioritizes the safety of their cinematic community.

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