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    • Bayanihan. Example Sentence: Nakita ang diwa ng bayanihan ng mga Pilipino dahil sa community pantry noong pandemya. (The spirit of communal unity was seen because of the community pantry during the pandemic.)
    • Kilig. Example Sentence: Hindi ko mapigilan ang aking kilig nang makita ko siya. (I can’t stop to feel the butterflies in my stomach the moment I saw him/her.)
    • Harana. Example Sentence: Uso pa ba ang harana? (Is serenading still in style?) Harana is the traditional way of wooing someone. It is when the suitor is wooing the person they like by serenading.
    • Kundiman. Example Sentence: Palagi kitang aawitan ng kundiman. – Paraluman by Adie (I will always sing you a love song.) In connection to harana, kundiman is also a word that you need to learn.
  1. Nov 11, 2022 · TAGA The word taga has multiple meanings in the Tagalog language. tagâ cut with a big knife tagâ sa panahon “a cut in time” = mature tagá- (denotes origin) taga-Pilipinas from the Philippines taga-siyudad from the city taga-bundok from the mountains Mga taga-bundok sila. They’re from the mountains. taga- (denotes someone’s task) tagaluto

  2. Nov 22, 2022 · This Tagalog slang refers to “kotse” or car in English. 15. Tigok (Ti-gok) Direct translation: dead Aside from this, you can also use the word “dedo” to say that something/someone is dead. 16. Wafu (Wa-fu) / Wafa (Wa-fa) Direct translation: handsome/ beautiful You can use this term to refer to someone who is good looking. 17. Dehins (De-hins)

  3. Nov 23, 2022 · This online quiz is called G1:27 - Tagalog to English 1 (25 words) . It was created by member Rick Harner and has 25 questions. It is currently featured in 7 tournaments.

  4. Nov 24, 2022 · bas·yán basyán wooden quiver The noun quiver here refers to a case for carrying or holding arrows. MGA KAHULUGAN SA TAGALOG (sinaunang Tagalog) basyán: kaluban o suksukan ng mga palasô na gawâ sa kahoy basyán: tapayan na maluwang ang bibig KARABAN KALUBAN TAPAYAN UYA MALUWANG KIBOT MGA ARALIN ↦ SCROLL DOWN FOR COMMENTS SECTION ↤

  5. Nov 05, 2022 · PRANSISKANO... kahulugan sa wikang Filipino... mga kasingkahulugang salita... English translation of Tagalog words... usage examples... ibang tawag sa...

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