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      • From birth to age 5, the most common way to take a temperature is under the armpit. For children older than 2, temperatures can also be taken by ear or, if the child is able to sit still long enough, by mouth. The most accurate way to take a temperature is in the bum (rectal method).
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  2. Thermometer basics: Taking your child's temperature - Mayo Clinic › healthy-lifestyle › infant-and

    Nov 20, 2020 · Armpit temperature. Turn on the digital thermometer. When you place the thermometer under your child's armpit, make sure it touches skin — not clothing. While the device reads your child's temperature, hug your child, keeping the side holding the thermometer against your chest.

  3. How to Take Your Child's Temperature | Woodhaven Pediatrics ... › How-to-Take-Your-Child-s

    Under Child's Arm (Axillary) Turn on the thermometer. Put the small end of the thermometer in your child's armpit. Hold your child's arm tightly against his or her side. With your other hand, hold the thermometer in place. Take it out after a minute or so, or when it signals that it is done. It may beep, stop flashing, or light up. Read the number.

  4. The Rules for Taking a Baby's Armpit Temperature | Hello ... › article › 513301-the-rules

    Jun 13, 2017 · Taking an axillary temperature -- under the armpit -- is more time-consuming and often less accurate than taking a rectal temperature. For very young babies, the rectal method may be preferred for accuracy. But axillary temperatures can provide an adequate screening tool when you use the correct thermometer and follow some simple rules for ...

  5. Fever - How to Take the Temperature - Seattle Children's › conditions › a-z

    May 07, 2021 · Your child has a fever if the armpit temp is above 99.0° F (37.2° C). If you have any doubt, take your child's temp by rectum or forehead. Oral Temperature: How to Take. Age: 4 years and older; If your child had a cold or hot drink, wait 30 minutes. Put the thermometer under one side of the tongue towards the back.

  6. Underarm Temperature: How to Measure It and What’s Typical? › health › underarm-temp

    Jul 03, 2020 · under the armpit (axillary) Ear, oral, and rectal temperatures are considered the most accurate readings of actual body temperature. ... Take a child’s underarm temperature the same way you’d ...

  7. Although not as accurate as a rectal or oral temperature in a cooperative child, some parents prefer to take an axillary temperature, especially for kids who can't hold a thermometer in their mouths. Remove your child's shirt and undershirt, and place the thermometer under an armpit (it must be touching skin only, not clothing).

  8. Taking your child’s temperature: a guide | Raising Children ... › newborns › health-daily

    Mar 29, 2021 · Place the thermometer in your child’s armpit. Close your child’s arm over the thermometer, holding their elbow against their body. Wait until the thermometer beeps and then check the digital display for the temperature reading. Taking your child’s temperature under the armpit is usually the easiest way to do it, especially in young children.

  9. Discharge Instructions- Taking an Axillary Temperature (Child) › infobutton

    Discharge Instructions: Taking an Axillary Temperature (Child) You take an axillary (armpit) temperature by holding the thermometer under your baby’s arm for 4 to 5 minutes. Do this with care to get a correct reading. Note that taking a child’s temperature under the arm is less accurate than taking the temperature in the rectum.

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